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October 12, 2017

3 Greek Destinations for Skiing


The Greek Islands might be the protagonist of the show; however, you don’t know what you are missing out in the winter.80% of Greece’s land is mountainous. Can you imagine the adrenaline rush on the snow-capped slopes?

1. Parnassus Mountain: Slide your Skis Like A Pro with the Twelve Olympians

Unquestionably, Parnassos is one of the most beautiful mountains of Greece with verdant vegetation and rare natural beauty that charms the travellers all year long. Its spectacular morphology and rich biodiversity place it among the most important mountain environments in Greece.

At an elevation of 1.600 to 2.250 meters, in the regions of Fterolakka and Kelaria, Parnassos Ski Center offers the opportunity to practice your slides like a pro from December until the beginning of May!

It is worth mentioning that Parnassos is the biggest and the best organised ski center of our country with 19 ski runs, 7 ski routes, 10 trails and three mini-beginner runs of a total length of 36 kilometers. For adventure lovers, there are 12 black-country runs that offer moments of deep snow and lots of adrenaline. What’s more, there are two chalets and a restaurant in the ski center as well as ski and snowboard schools, special stores stores for ski and snowboard equipment rental and a playground for the younger visitors.

Whether you choose to downhill blue Aphrodite, challenging Odysseus, risky Sahara or even exciting Hera, as quite all the pistes are named after the Twelve Olympians, it is definite that Parnassos Ski Resort will offer you moments of utmost adrenaline!

2. Kaimaktsalan: Greece’s Highest Ski Resort

Perched on the craggy slopes of Voras Mountain, Kaimáktsalan Ski Resort is one of the stunning Greek destinations for skiing. In fact, it is the highest ski resort in Greece! It is trully an experience of a lifetime to practise ski on Kaimaktsalan since the view from the top is amazing overlooking the Thermaic Gulf and the peak of Olympus Mountain.

Kaimaktsalan Ski Center is well equipped with 6 ski lifts and 13 ski runs over an area of 15 kilometers in length at an altitude of 2,470 meters. The runs are of various difficulty level; more specifically, there are 4 red runs, 4 blue runs, 3 for beginners and 2 langlauf slopes.Moreover, the ski resort also features 4 ski trails of 3,250 meters in length. Though, that’s not all! Kaimaktsalan’s snowboard fun park invites snowboarders and lovers of the snowboard scene to experience their favorite sport in Greece !

3: Kalavryta: Chelmos’ Mountain One of A Kind Experience

Situated on the foothills of Chelmos Mountain, at the peninsula of Peloponnese, Kalavryta Ski Resort is the second biggest ski center of Greece. The resort consists of 12 downhill ski slopes with a total length of 20 kilometers in the locations of Xerokambos and Neiradorahi. What’s more, the ski center also features a snowboard park and ski runs for snowmobiles! 

Kalavryta Ski Resort offers modern facilities, 8 ski lifts and 13 slaloms of all categories. The highest altitude of the pistes is at an altitude of 2.340 meters. The resort also provides equipment hire facilities.

For adventure lovers, the black and red runs of Styga, Eno and Nefeli, challenge even the most expert skiers with deep snow for a dose of adrenaline.




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