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Characterized as one of the less visited regions of Greece, where only genuine lovers of travelling will ever visit, Thrace promises unforgettable moments in a true paradise of natural beauty. Thrace is among the most striking and unknown regions of Greece. Once home to the powerful ancient Thracian civilization, this region of Greece has been dramatically affected from the neighboring cultures since it’s shared with Bulgaria and Turkey. The only region of this country in which Muslims were allowed to remain according to the population exchanges as prescribed from the Treaty of Lausanne can only be magical full of mysteries. Spectacular areas of wilderness, bordered from the rough ridges of Rhodope Mountains, with pristine forests and exquisite animal life, hosting migratory bird species at Greece’s most important biotopes, the Dadia Natural Reserve and the Evros Delta, it is certain that Thrace will amaze you with its wildlife; eagles soaring up in the sky attest that you have reached the very edge of the country between two continents, the East and the West. A region where legends had once placed the legendary land of Orpheus has been bequeathed from nature at its grandeur. Pristine natural landscapes and beautiful sceneries of utmost serenity offer abundant opportunities for lovers of adventure and discovery. This primeval sense of authenticity will force you wander to a genuine travel destination as an authentic traveller would do. From the majestic delta of Evros, the wonderfulness of Vistonida Lake and the serenity of Nestos River to the incredible forests of Rhodope Mountains and Dadia Forest and the lake of Porto Lagos, nature will enthrall you by its natural wonders in this corner of Greece. Favoured from nature lovers, Xanthi promises extraordinary experiences; Rhodope Mountains with its verdant-green forests, the labyrinthine journey to Nestos River, the charming harbour of Porto Lagos crowned from the exquisite old city of Xanthi will astonish you as this area has managed to combine everything in the most harmonious way. Mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, forests and the sea are a testament that Greece is a natural treasure. After all, the great philosopher Democritus was born here! As for Rhodope, nature is also stunning in this place filled with verdant greenery in spring and autumn. With panoramic vistas from Vistonida and Ismarida Lakes, the heart of flora and fauna, the traditional Pomak villages with authentic character blended with a genuine experience of the East and the West, as evidenced from European Komotini with its oriental influences and its Ottoman monuments, Rhodope is ready to reveal its mysteries to the travellers. No one could ever forget, however, Evros as nature has excelled itself in beauty. Characterized as the crossroad of two continents, crossed from the homonymous river, Evros with its unique biodiversity offers to the travellers the unique opportunity to experience a genuine adventure through places of great natural beauty in such a mystifying atmosphere. From the silk town of Soufli, the lovely Pomakohoria, majestic Alexandroupoli, named after Alexander the Great of course, a kaleidoscope of contrasts will make you fall in love with Thrace!