Northeast Aegean



Islands with diversified identities are scattered on the northeastern corner of the Aegean and invite the travellers to experience the true soul of the Aegean. With different sizes and multicultural characters, the Northeast Aegean Islands will surprise you. A visit to the island of Lesvos holds a bucket of surprises with the scents of earth and sea, the flavors of the local cuisine and the endless beauties of the mountains. Lesvos has a land that invites you to discover it blessed with dramatic natural landscapes. Ikaria is a genuine jewel, as it has this distinctive human element associated with the magical spirit of the locals that remains unique in its kind. This island suggests a different way of life, turning your experience into an adventure. Used as a shelter from the pirates of Corsica, the microcosm of Fourni is formed from a miniature archipelago. The hospitality of the locals and the beauty of Fourni will endeavour to captivate your eyes. On the other hand, Lemnos will charm you from the first moment with its volcanic landscapes, its authentic character and, of course, the sand dunes of Ammothines, a miniature Sahara of absolute wilderness. One should not forget to travel to Agios Efstratios, just a breath away from Lemnos, to experience the kindness of the locals. The atmospheric medieval mastic villages of Chios will definitely take your breath away, filled with millions of fragrances from the flowery gardens and citrus orchards of Kambos. Standing in the middle of nowhere, Psara is the place that will make you forget everything and appreciate the simple moments in life. Another tiny archipelago, Oinouses, has one of the most distinctive place in the naval history of Greece and will definitely earn a distinctive place in your heart. The legendary birthplace of Hera, the hometown of the mathematician Pythagoras and the astrophycycist Aristarchus, Samos will intoxicate you with its verdurous sceneries and its traditional settlements. Where the natural sceneries are so virgin and the protagonist of the show is none other than mother nature, the feeling of freedom in Thasos will overpower you. Are your dreaming of travelling to paradise? It’s not that far; just come to Thassos! Samothrace, the island of the Great Gods, is blessed with the finest of wild nature. The disarming gurgle of the waterfalls creates an intoxicating atmosphere for ultimate relaxation under the incredible shadow of the trees; Samothrace forms its own distinctive character, a different island from all the others.
Northeast aegean islands