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Atmospheric medieval mastic villages and beaches of wild beauty with volcanic pebbles will literally take your breath away. Mansion houses with flowery gardens and citrus orchards and dense forests with miraculous tears of mastic will astonish your eyes. Impressive mosaics and geometric shapes with floral motifs and deserted settlements with remnants of the 13th century will travel you back in time. A different world is unfolding in front of you ready to be explored. Hanging in a corner of the Aegean, the value of Chios is timeless blessed from the fragrant scents of mastic and the majestic diversities of the landscapes. Every region of the island is hiding an unexpected surprise. Notorious for their naval history, the Chians are proud for their history and traditions giving an extraordinary opportunity to the travellers to experience the authentic face of Greece. If you are pursuing in discovering the other side of Greece, the unexplored and mysterious one, then you should definitely visit Chios. Deserted to its distinctive beauty, Chios served as an economic and cultural center in the northern part of the Aegean, with a sting of invaders and colossal powers, that gave to the island a unique character and an exceptional identity that will literally surprise you. Are you ready to unveil the mysteries of Chios?