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“…On the full back ridge of Psara, glory stands by herself, considering the brilliant lads, and wearing a crown wreath, product of a few herbs that had stayed in the deserted land…”

Dionysius Solomos

Imagine a dry rock emerging from the Aegean Sea. Try to visualize Zeus throwing a massive rock into the sea in one of his fights with jealous Hera. This rock could be Psara, a mysterious island! Psara is a dry island in the middle of nowhere. A place filled with hospitable people with a calm smile of pure sufficiency. Indeed, the smiles of the people are so bright and powerful, one of the most irrepleacable ways to make you forget everything. Cubic houses and ceramic roofs, fuchsia bougainvillea and cobblestone alleys spread amphitheatrically on the slope of the hill around the homonymous character. Indeed, the traditional character of the settlement of Psara is evident everywhere! An island embracing the value of peacefulness, a place where beauty, nature and history harmonize will definitely engrave your mind with nostalgic memories. Psara might stand in the middle of nowhere; however, you might find everything you need!


Psara belongs to the list of the unexplored islands of Greece. Most probably, you have never heard it. Nonetheless, Psara is one of the most authentic and genuine Greek islands. Situated 48 nautical miles away from Chios, Psara definitely worth a visit! An island with glorious history is a paradise haven for those looking for relaxation, tranquility and isolation. On an island with fewer than 500 residents, you will surely find your mysterious haven. Worth mentioning that the local people distinguish for their hospitality! Psara is an island off the beaten track; whether you are travelling with your family, your friends or your other half, it is definite that Psara will forever remain in your heart!


Psara host some of the cleanest beaches in Greece! Even the most discerning travellers will find their own corner of paradise. The beaches of Psara are the most powerful antixiolytic of the island due to their unimaginable beauty untouched from mass tourism. Although Katsouni beach is the beach of the main village of Psara, it is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island; golden sand, natural shade and crystalline waters! The waters are so clean that you can actually observe the fishes without any snorkeling equipment! You will also have to enjoy swimming at the beaches of Agia Kyriaki and Lazaretta that distinguish for their tranquil envrionment. Before you leave Psara, make sure you visit the beach of Psili Ammos on the ilsand of Antipsara!


Undeniably, you have to pay a visit to the church of Agios Nikolaos to admire the magnificent views to the vastness of the Aegean Sea, the Black Ridge of Psara, else known as Paleokastro, to honor the 120 defenders who were sacrificed for their homeland and the historical house of 1821 hero Konstantinos Kanaris. Walk to the northern part of the island in order to visit the monastery of the Dormition of Virgin Mary and admire the rare manuscripts and the religious books of its library, many of which were printed in Moscow and Venice. If you are looking for excursions to uninhabited islands, then hop into a traditional caique to visit Antipsara Island that distinguish for its spectacular beaches. Taste the famous lobster spagghetti of Psara, one of the most delicious lobster spagghetti you will ever find in Greece. At last but not least, enthusiasts of spearfishing will discover a true submarine treasure in the countless skerries of Psara!


Walking enthusiasts will fall in love with Psara! There is no need to worry, as the majority of the beaches have walking distance. Make sure to bring your athletic shoes with you!


Psara is well equipped with a series of traditional hotels and rooms to rent. In Mysterious Greece, we believe that such an authentic island does not need special hotels to stay in! Regarding the gastronomic treasures of Psara, be sure that you will find the freshest fish in every single tavern!


Before you leave Psara, make sure to buy a jar of thyme honey! The thyme honey of Psara is only harvested once a year at the pinnacle of honey production in the entire Mediterranean!


Psara is accessible by boat from the harbor of Lavrio. However, the harbor of Chios is also connected by ferry to the port of Psara.


Psara played an important role during the Greek War of Independence in 1821, as the island helped in destroying many Turkish naval units under the command of the captain Konstantinos Kanaris. In fact, Psara had formed the third largest fleet in Greece after the islands of Hydra and Spetses. In 1822, the Holocaust in Mavri Rahi took place, the historic destruction of Psara, where the Turks conquered the island and the inhabitants self sacrificed for the liberation of their homeland. Following the destruction, the poet Andreas Kalvos wrote the poem Sta Psara, the poet Dionysius Solomos, who is the author of the Hymn to Liberty, wrote the poem the Destruction of Psara, and the painter Nikolaos Gyzis painted the Destruction of Psara. After the liberation of Greece, many of the few inhabitants who escaped returned to the island.

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