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The Mountain of the Centaurs

Where the steep slopes of the Centaurs’ mountain dive in the Aegean Sea, nature improvises in her own magical canvas the picture perfect villages and the turquoise beaches. Standing on the highest spot of the mountain, you will fill your lungs with deep breaths of mountainous air in the arms of a dense beech forest overlooking the endless blue of the sea. The consecutive hairpin roads glide over the verdant ridges of Pelion through the extensive verdant forests in order to connect even the most remote villages to the city of Volos. In this purely mountainous landscape, the paradox happens out of the blue; behind shadow forest curtains and steep rocky slopes, a redemptive deep blue sea emerges in all its shades and manifestations.The picturesque villages of Pelion acquire an authentic identity in winter with wild characteristics of untamed beauty. From lovely Makrinitsa village that is buried in fog and the snowish slopes of Agriolefkes to the deserted square of Tsagarada village, winter is reserved for a very different experience in Pelion. However, when the first flowers bloom on the seashore, the colorful carpet transforms Pelion into a canvas of the Rennaisance period. The spring extravaganza will take your breath away and fill it with scents of herbs and aromatic plants. From the botanical gardens of the springs, vegetation is kept lush and exuberant throughout the summer starlighted from the turquoise waters of lovely Pelion. A wonderful world unveils its mysteries under the sun of the summer transforming Pelion into a natural paradise where even the most discerning travelers will find the shore of their dreams to dive in.  The seaside asphalt road that leads to the southern side of this fairytale has an indented coastline with millions of beaches; picturesque Agia Kyriaki, beautiful Mavri Petra, lovely Milina, verdant Horto, spectacular Afyssos and Lefokastro and the list never ends.The morning fog of Portaria, though, celebrates the beginning of autumn inviting travellers to explore the historical paths of the Centaurs. Nature dresses in the most golden, yellow and orangeful colours to guide you to its unbelievable beauties through a ride with legendary “Moutzouris” train.Unquestionably, this corner of Magnesia is gifted by nature and crafted by human for centuries.Blessed from mythological stories, imagination created legendary creatures whose stories never stopped over the centuries, as they were mentioned in the written and oral tradition of Pelion’s own history. Although the primal magic of these fairytales faded away though time, the avid travelers will manage to discover the authentic face of the beautiful mountain of the Centaurs by wandering on forest roads, gasping on uphill settlements and strolling around cobblestone alleys.If there is a paradise on earth, Pelion must be it, as Pelion is where the magic happens!