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You might be wondering how on earth could have I decided to choose Pelion as the destination of March? I will explain everything to you, but first let me express my regrets for not keeping you updated with what’s around last month. It’s not that I forgot it! I was totally out of time, as I wanted to prepare my next explorations! Pelion and Plastira Lake for March and April respectively! So, one mystery revealed earlier than expected! What about Pelion? Well, it surely was an experience of a lifetime. Through the 1000 (!!!) kilometers that I drove on the Centaurs’ Mountain, I came across so many wild sceneries of cold and sunshine February, I met so beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, I got spellbound from the loneliness of the foggy and misty atmosphere until I realized that Pelion is an all year round destination. Where the steep slopes of the mountain where the Twelve Olympians decided to reside in the summer dive into the freezing waters of the Aegean Sea, the legendary kingdom of Poseidon, nature improvised in the most beautiful colors I could ask for. Let me start by saying that I decided to explore the entire peninsula of Pelion in order to experience the unique beauty of it. Every traveler has its own distinct perception on how he or she should travel, and so am I. Whichever season you choose to explore Pelion, the avid travelers will manage to discover the authentic face of the beautiful mountain of the Centaurs by wandering on forest roads, gasping on uphill settlements and strolling around cobblestone alleys. After all, whoever said that Pelion is not an all-year-round destination, has not visited Pelion each and every sweet season of the year. The picturesque villages of Pelion acquire an authentic identity in winter with wild characteristics of untamed beauty. From lovely Makrinitsa village that is buried in fog and the snowish slopes of Agriolefkes to the deserted square of Tsagarada village and the cozy kafenia of Lafkos and Neohori, where the elders rest, winter is reserved for a very different experience in Pelion. When the first flowers bloom on the seashore, however, the colorful carpet transforms Pelion into a canvas of the Rennaisance period. The spring extravaganza will definitely take your breath away and fill it with scents of herbs and aromatic plants! From the botanical gardens of the spring, vegetation is kept lush and exuberant throughout the summer starlighted from the turquoise waters of lovely Pelion until the morning fog of Portaria will start celebrating the beginning of autumn by inviting travellers to explore the historical paths of the Centaurs. On the first day, we decided to rest in Portaria and Makrinitsa and explore the monuments of these villages. I fell in love with the picturesqueness of Makrinitsa, as everybody, but the sunset was so … spectacular! You can’t miss it! During the second day, we explored the wonderful region of Eastern Pelion; from charming Hania with Agriolefkes ski center, picturesque Agios Lavrentios and scenic Agios Vlasios to verdant Kissos, Agios Ioannis with its turquoise waters and lovely Tsagarada, this was one of the favorite parts of my travel reportage. It has nothing to envy, however, from the exploration of Central Pelion in picturesque Vizitsa, stone Pinakates and lovely Milies with the attractive train station of “Moutzouris”. Truth to be said, that was the location that I was waiting to admire the most! However, I so long waited to finally admire the legendary train, but it was not there… That’s the prime reason that I went by to Ano Lehonia! All of the sudden, as I was capturing photographs from the wooden wagons and the mustard-colour station designed from Evaristo De Chirico, I heard the steam engine of the train,which charmed me instantly! However, it was an impromtu journey that I could not be aware … for this reason, I decided to visit Pelion again this summer in order to enter another era by travelling in wooden wagons of the past. This very dream of mine will become true on this corner of Greece. Legendary “Moutzouris”/ ”Smudgy” the legendary train of Pelio, is a symbol of the local culture of Pelion that has marked the lives of the inhabitants since the dawn of time, and, for me at least, it will be an experience of a lifetime! Silver olive groves, perennial plane trees, citrus trees with their fragrant fruits, hundreds of healing herbs, and blossoming bouquets of camellias, gardenias and hydrangeas guided us through the wonderful sceneries of the southern part of Pelion on the third day of our exploration. Under the foggy atmosphere of the winter, we drove from beautiful Neohori and charming Lafkos to the seaside village of Milina and Trikeri that radiated feelings of nostalgia and melancholy; the strong waves of the sea, which reached 6 degrees on a Beaufort scale, seem like they were trying to “smash” the cobblestone pavement and, all of the sudden, Pelion initiated these feelings of such a lonely winter; which I adored! From the steep rocks of Pelion peninsula to the sheer slopes of Pelion mountain, Pelion stole my admiration instantly. That’s why, I highly advise you to visit Pelion, if you haven’t already! On my last day, though, I visited Volos to enjoy a cold coffee in the famous seaside promenade of this beautiful city; the most beautiful goodbye I could ever ask from this travel reportage! Before I finish, I would like to give you the most important mysterious tip before you head to picturesque, unique, fascinating, colorful and surprising Pelion, as Pepy, our insider of the month, described her motherland. Pelion is a huge destination for you to visit for a weekend escape. I would suggest, therefore, either to select one village such as Portaria or Makrinitsa,which are situated thirty minutes away from Volos city, or to stay longer in order to explore all of the mysteries of Pelion. And don’t worry; the travel guide of Pelion will be ready before you know it, so as to explore all the mysterious Greece tips for your journey! If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

At the end of the day, it’s all about wanderlust, isn’t it?

From Mysterious Greece with Love, Stefania