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June 18, 2015

Monastery of Saint John the Theologian in Patmos

It is said that a place dominated from monasteries is a place of exceptional natural beauty. So is Patmos. The mysterious island of the Apocalypse is waiting to reveal her true beauty to you embellished with exceptional charming bays, dreamlike seashores and breathtaking landscapes. The charming capital of the island is one of the most beautiful villages of the Aegean. Whitewashed houses and well preserved mansions, cobblestone alleys and beautiful squares are crowned from the greyish walls of the fortified monastery, as the colours alter from the dazzling light of the sun of the Aegean and as though a formidable energy runs through the alleys of Patmos. Old doors and blooming gardens in every corner of the island hide a real surprise of unparalleled beauty.  The natural beauty sceneries of Patmos alternate with small valleys and impressive cliffs rising like castles amongst the slopes of the hills in an effort to surpass the unique beauty of the fortified monastery by creating an amazing constant with the whitewashed colours of the Aegean architecture. In the absolute silence of the sacred places of the island of the Apocalypse, pilgrims come to meditate in order to find the answers in their souls. The soul of Patmos has a distinctive allure and a tempting charisma of tranquility to magnetize you with its unrevealed beauties. Are you ready to get inspired from the blooming lights of the Apocalypse?

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