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June 17, 2015

Seven Martyrs in Sifnos

Dressed in white with the cool breeze of the Cyclades, Sifnos knows how to bring you here every time you sail for the Aegean. Sifnos definitely stands out, as it is regarded as the most authentic island of the Cyclades. The lover of the Cyclades will find everything in Sifnos. Mountainous villages with the typical architecture of the Cyclades surrounded from sceneries of the dry barren nature, endless sandy beaches and isolated bays along with history that counts more than five thousands years that is reflected in both the architecture and monuments of Sifnos. If you look close enough, you will might even discover the mysterious charm of Sifnos! Sifnos is an explosion of the five senses. You first smell the aroma of lavender, oregano and thyme from the ship, the fragrant aniseed buns in the alleys of Artemonas and the royal jasmine and the night flowers from the courtyards of the houses. Then, you eavesdrop her from the sounds of the bells and the violins in the churches, the concerts of the frogs in the stream of Artemonas and the breeze that whistles from the highest peaks of Prophet Elias. You also taste her from the delights of true ode of taste and worryingly addictive, as it is characterized one of the classiest cuisines of the Cyclades starred from Nikolas Tselementes. True eye catcher, the spotless white villages of Sifnos are spotted with the apollonian light and the endless blue of the Aegean. And the touch of Sifnos… this is the most outstanding feeling of Sifnos! Will you let yourself discover this feeling in one of the most authentic islands of Greece?

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