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August 28, 2015

August Full Moon 2015
Saturday, August 29, 2015

The August Full Moon will be celebrated across Greece many museums and Greek archaeological sites staying open until midnight and presenting various events free of charge on August 10. For the fourth consecutive year, the August full moon events offer great opportunity for all to enjoy music events, theatrical performances and participate in guided tours, under the moon light. More than 110 free events and late-night openings of archaeological sites and museums will be held giving visitors the chance to enjoy the biggest moon of the year in historical and heritage sites of ancient Greece. The unique poems of Odysseus Elytis will mark the events hosts in various archaeological sites including Athens, Delphi, the  Cyclades and the Northeast Aegean Islands.

“In ancient times, both on the Aegean Islands and in Delphi, people worshiped the same god, Apollo, who was the personification of all those special characteristics that make the Greek culture unique: light, harmony, balance, measure, poetry, music. Since the work of Odysseus Elytis has condensed all these Apollonian elements of “Hellenism”, we chose his poetry as the theme of this year’s Full Moon events. We will also give visitors his text on a “Plan for an introduction to the Aegean”, which includes all images, feelings and thoughts of those who have lived or have visited and loved the islands of the Archipelago. Our goal, in the hard times the country has been going through, is to enhance a feeling of optimism, pride and belief in our culture, and at the same time, since all the events are based on the work of volunteers, to showcase the values of offering, volunteering and cooperation, as we believe that these are our strongest weapons to deal with the difficult times we live in,”  the 21st Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities said in a statement.


  • Acropolis Museum: Musical evening with the Air Force band
  • Numismatic Museum: Concert “The moons of the Mediterranean“, M. Strofalis, John Christou, A.Trouni – 9.00pm
  • Greek Folk Art Museum: Bath of the Winds will remain open to the public – 8.00am to 10.00pm
  • Sounion Archaeological Site: In the area outside the perifraxis the Sanctuary of Poseidon south of the NTOG tourist booth in collaboration with the Municipality of Lavrion” “THORIKOS”, “musical show titled” “That Music” “two actresses, Marina Kalogirou and Dimitris Papanikolaou, along with the lyrical singer Basilica Karagiannis will perform, accompanied by the orchestra music room, consisting of eight musicians, original compositions Theodore 
 Lempesi inspired by texts of leading writers, Greeks (Sophocles, 
 Euripides) and foreign (Shakespeare, Lorca, Baricco, Williams, Chekhov). “
  • Vravrona Archaeological Museum: Organized by the Municipality Markopoulos Mesogaia music event of Dimitri Vassilakis (sax / vocals), Maria Christina (electric harp) and Alexander Dragon Ktistaki (percussion), which will include compositions dedicated to the moon, classics of jazz, ethnic, classical excerpts and new material.
  • Olympion Archaeological Site:  Open to the public – Until 24.00
  • Elefsina Archaeological Site Greater Propylaea: Concert with Evanthia Rempoutsika
  • Castle of Chora Kythira: Open to the public: Until 24.00
  • Archaeological Museum of Piraeus Courtyard: Theatrical performance-Lyrical drama “Prometheus Bound“




Agios Nikolaos

  • Lato’s ancient city Agora Archaeological Site: In a collaboration with the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos Music event titled “Traveling with the August moon in the Mediterranean Greco“


  • Aptera Archaeological Site: In collaboration with the Regional Unit of Chania Music event titled “Notes Muses and Sirens“.
  • Rokka Archaeological Site: In collaboration with the Regional Unit of Chania – Music event titled: “The moon, the gorge of August.” Concert orchestra string ASONIETA along with Angeliki purely as mezzo-soprano and Chris Zerbinos in Accordion, under the directon of Paul Sergius
  • Apodoulos Archaeological Site:  In collaboration with the Regional Unit of Rethymnon and the Cultural Association Apodoulou. Music Night


  • Heraklio Archaeological Museum: Theater performance “The Stratis seafood and a small shipwreck” in poetry George Seferis
  • Knossos Palace: Full moon night in Knossos. The visiting areas of the palace will remain open to the public Until 01.00
  • Gortyna Archaeological Site: Open to the public Until 01.00
  • Tylissos Archaeological Site: Music Jazz Night in collaboration with the Cultural Association Tylisou
  • Festos Palace: full moon night in Festos Until 01.00



  • Archaeological Collection: Co-Organised by the Amorgos Cultural Association «Simonides».


  • Antiparos Castle: “Vega, the patron saint of love”. Expressions of the theater workshop of SHK and theater group Antiparos. Co-organized by the Municipality of Antiparos. 21:00.


  • Ios Archaeological Museum: Resiting of Odysseus Elytis poems set to music Open 21:00-24:00.


  • Kea Archaeological Museum: A Tribute to Odysseus Elytis. Music event with students from the Music Workshop Kea. Co-organized by the Municipality of Kea and the Association “Friends of the Greek islands and the Sea.” Treats by: John Vrettaros – “The Haunt” D. Demenagas 21:00.


  • Kimolos Archaeological Museum: 
 Resiting of O. Elytis poems set to music Open 21:00-24:00.


  • Kythnos Archaeological Collection: Photographic exhibition on “Kythnos. Traces ancestors“. Local treats. Organized by the City of Kythnos. Open 21:00-24:00.


  • Milos Archaeological Museum: “Amongst all the Aegean islands Odysseus Elytis“: 
 The students of the music school of the Cultural Association “Melian Arts” will present songs from Greek and International music and the band Fuga Pertpetua set to music poems of Odysseus Elytis 21:00.


  • Mykonos Archaeological Museum: The Choir School of Music Dimitris Finnis will present Axion Esti. 
 Organised and small treat: Friends of Delos-Rheneia and Folk-Cultural Association of Women of Mykonos 21:00.


  • Iria Archaeological Site: Tribute to Odysseus Elytis. Poetry and prose of Odysseus Elytis by kinesiological recitation of the Naxia actress Anastasia Marmataki set to music and lyrics Elytis music coverage. Organised by NO.P.P.A.P.P.P.A. Naxos and Small Cyclades 21:00.


  • Paros Archaeological Museum: Music event dedicated to O. Elytis, with Michael Suyama (baritone) and 
 Maroulis Condou (piano). Co-organized by the Welfare Municipal Cultural Development Paros 


  • Akrotiri Archaeological Site: Resiting of O. Elytis poems set to music Open 21:00-24:00.


  • Sifnos Archaeological Museum: Resiting of O. Elytis poems set to music Open 21:00-24:00.


  • Syros Archaeological Museum: Resiting of O. Elytis poems set to music Open 21:00-24:00.


  • Kionion Archaeological Site: Resiting of O. Elytis poems set to music Open 21:00-24:00.




  • Early Christian Basilica of Jerusalem’s Christ: The Municipality of Kalymnos in cooperation with the Association chanters Kalymnos and Charity Association “Saint Nicholas” will organize a music event


  • Nikolaides Mansion: Patmos Music Event


  • Rodos Archaeological Museum: Concert of the student orchestra “Xeni Emner”




  • Corfu Old Castle: In collaboration with the Regional Theater of Corfu. “Under the full moon of August” music and poetry



  • Emporio Archaeological Site: Visitors will be guided with music event in collaboration with the Association Kalamotousion Attica “Axanemos” and the assistance of DIPETHE Northern Aegean.


Agios Kyrikos Village: Courtyard of the Archaeological Museum – Reciting poems of O. Elytis – poems set to music 21:00-24:00.


  • Polihni Prehistoric Settlement: Lemnos Music Event entitled: “With Full Moon in Poliochni“


  • Mytilini New Archaeological Museum: Open to the public
  • Thermi Prehistoric Settlement Lesvos: Music Event Plomari – “With helmsman Odysseus Elytis‘. Ride to the sea with karavoskaro “Aspasia”.
  • Agiasos: “The moon rides” in the Reading Hall Theatre Agiasou. Young and older children will dance, sing and filled this this magical night with notes and joy.


  • Psara Mansion Archaeological Site: Visitors will be guided music event dedicated to Odysseus Elytis and Manos Hadjidakis in cooperation with the municipality of Psaron.


  • Ireon Archaeological Site: Music set to poems of Odysseus Elytis by the Youth Choir of the Cultural Association Pythagorean ‘Lycurgus’ under the direction of G. Koumaradiou – 21:00
  • Vathy Archaeological Museum: Reciting O. Elytis poems set to music 21:00-24:00.
  • Pythagorio Archaeological Museum: Reciting O. Elytis poems set to music 21:00-24:00.
  • Messo Sanctuary Archaeological Site: Lesvos 
 Open to the public


  • Sanctuary of the Great Gods of Samothrace: Open to the public


  • Archaeological Museum of Thassos: Courtyard Poetry Night from “Filopnefmatiki Thassos“





  • Nafpaktos Castle: Open to the public Until 10.00pm
  • Antirion Castle: Open to the public Until 10.00pm
  • Thermo Archaeological Site: Musical evening with the band “Atropos “
  • Stratos Archaeological Site: Στράτου Music event Philharmonic Orchestra D. Agrinio
  • Plevrona Archaeological Site: Open to the public


  • Delfi Archaeological Museum: Open to the public 8.00am – 10.00pm


  • Kastro Archaeological Site and Lamia Archaeological Museum: Musical event with the group opera “Seam” Visual paramvaseis Cherry Touliatou painter and sculptor John Koutrozi / Tours
  • Ypati Byzantine Museum
    1. Inauguration of exhibition “Plants and civilization in the history of Europe “ starts 8pm
    2. Musical Evening with the Choir of Davlia, with music from Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, Kouyioumtzis, 9pm



  • Arta Archaeological Museum: Music performance. Percussion group “KrotalArta” by George Georgiou and Greek artistic songs of the full moon and the moon from the band “Diapason”.


  • Ioannina Castle, Acropolis Its Kale

1. Concert “White boats our dreams” with Dimitri Yfanti and his band – Saturday 9 August 2014

2. Concert entitled “Moon My tall, bright ‘with soprano Betty Harlaftis – Sunday 10 August 2014

  • Archaeological Site of Ancient Acropolis Grand Gardikiou Passarona: Music event in cooperation with the municipality Zitsas entitled: “In the moonlight” with Orpheas Peridis


  • Nekromanteion Archaeological Site: Musical evening with violin and piano by Constantine Leontari and Demetrius Leontari, with music from Manos Hadjidakis


  • Elea Archaeological Site: Souli Municipality Organised by the Municipality Souli concert Classical Music and Film Music
  • Gitanon Archaeological Site: Filiatra Municipality Observing the starry sky in cooperation with the amateur astronomy group Filiatron
  • Igoumenitsa Archaeological Museum: Open to the public



  • Kali Vrysi Archaeological Site: Music Event of the band “Odoiporoi” Kali Vrysi Drama
  • Acropolis Platania Archaeological Site: Astrophysics Observation


  • Florina Archaeological Museum: Opera Performance “Drama Queens“ 21:00


  • Sacred Ammon Zeus Archaeological Site, Kallithea, Halkidiki: Open to the public
  • Cemetery of Ancient Acanthus Halkidiki: Indoor Exhibit Space section – Open to the public
  • Ancient Stagira Archaeological Site: In collaboration with the Association of Environment, Culture and Quality of Life-to celebrate the Full Moon will celebrate the Aristotelian 2014 – in the footsteps of Aristotle.
  • Petralona Cave at Halkidiki: “Eagerly wait for the full moon,” Night artistic Greek music by Michaela Kyrgiafini, in collaboration with the Municipality of Nea Marmara – Free entrance to the cave for the public. Photo exhibition on Petralona cave, in cooperation with the Cultural Youth Association Moudanion “The Lighthouse”


  • Kastoria Archaeological Museum: In light of the August Full Moon 2014 “Routes with stops, and musical surprises … from Paravela the Commonwealth of Orestes Roman times … in the Archaeological Museum in Argos Orestikon ‘ 20.00 – 01.00


  • Roman Agora (FORUM) Filippon Archaeological Site: Music Event Municipal Conservatory of Kavala


  • Kilkis Archaeological Museum: Music event with artistic ensemble “The City” in cooperation with the municipality of Kilkis


  • Eani Archaeological Museum: Music event titled: “The moon color“, with local band and presentation of works of visual arts summer workshop Aianis Archaeological Museum


  • Pydna: Byzantine Kitrous, Makrigialos Pieria Concert “Seascapes – A sea songs“. Under the auspices of the International Institute of Alexander the Great.


  • Angitsas Rural Mansion: Tour and Music Event in collaboration with the non-profit organization “The country Angitsas“


  • Byzantine Culture Museum: The Museum will be open to the public – Free admission to the permanent and temporary exhibitions 18.30 – 21.30
  • Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum: Concert Greek art music in the garden
  • Eptapyrgio: Screening of Gregg Tallas’ film «The Barefoot Battalion ». 
 The event will be held with the support of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the Film Club of the Fourth Municipal Community of Thessaloniki. 
 The screening of the film are courtesy of Alex Tully and 
 family in memory of Greg Tallis and all people 
 teamed up to create “The barefoot Battalion“.
  • Roman Agora Conservatory: Shadow Theatre At Agora Square and concert at the Roman Odeon



  • Tripolis Archaeological Museum: Open to the public


  • Patra Castle: Open to the public


  • Olympia Archaeological Site: Open to the public from 9.00pm. until 01.00am
  • Pyrgos Archaeological Museum: Open to the public rom 8.00pm until 11.00pm
  • Olympia Museum: (History Museum of the Ancient Olympic Games) Music Event tribute to Dimos Moutsi Ensemble “Colors of Elis” under the direction of G. Gkitziri – 9.00pm
  • Hlemoutsi Castle: Music Event by the Philharmonic of Lechainon, municipality Andravidas – Kyllinis


  • Mystras Archaeological Site: Music event in collaboration with the Legal Entity of Culture, Sport and Environment City of Sparta
  • Diros Archaeological Site and Central Entrance of Diros Caves: Open to the public
  • Courtyard of the elementary school in the local community Agorianis of Pellanas: the Municipality of Sparta – Archaeological Conference on the work of the archaeological teem in the province Lakedaimonos
 – Monday 11-8-2014


  • Messinia Archaeological Museum: Periodic Exhibition “Legendary dances of Messinia“ 20/6/2014 -30/9/2014 “ (20:00-24.00)
  • Open Sculpture Workshop “on the walkway between the Benaki Building and the Archaeological Museum of Messenia by Artistic Stage “Musical Evening”
  • Akovitika Archaeological Site: Sightseeing the archaeological site Akovitika in collaboration with the group “PAME VOLTA” Saturday (9-8-2014 19:00)
  • Kalamata Castle:
 Open to the public



  • Archaeological site of the Melivias Castle: (Velika) 
In collaboration with the Municipality of Agia music event with the Blues Trackers From 9.00 pm.
  • Larisa Ancient Theatre: Open to the public


  • “Athanasakio” Volos Archaeological Museum: “In a collaboration with the” “Network Perevia” “(Network of Associations and District Elassonas Overseas Province Elassonas) and the Association Elassoniton Magnesia. Subject:” “NICK KAVVADIAS – POET OF THE SEA” “music event titled:” “beyond the blurred line of horizon “”
  • Vassiliki Ag. Demetrios Archaeological Site: Thivas Ftiotidas (Nea Anhialos) – Music event in cooperation with the D.O.E.P.A.P – Regional Theatre of the Directorate of Culture of the Municipality of Volos with the title: “Tonight moon“ by Erica Patrick. With pianist Elijah Chatzoglou. Songs by Hadjidakis, Theodorakis and other famous Greek composers. Saturday 9 August 2014 – 9pm
  • Music event with Greek repertoire in co-ordination with the Association of Anhialiton Athens: “The ANHIALOS” and music club of New Aghialou “Romanos the Melodist.” Sunday 10 August 2014 – 9pm.


  • Theopetra Cave:Free entrance to cave for the public Open 21.00 24.00
  • Trikala Koursoum Mosque: In a collaboration with the Municipality of Trikala music event “Fengarovradia in Koursoum Mosque” with songs by a group of artists from the city
  • Arch Bridge at Portaikos river Trikala: In a collaboration with the City of Pilis and the Pilis Cultural Association, music event titled “Songs under the moon” with the choir of the Cultural Association of Pilis
  • Fnari Byzantine Castle: In a collaboration with the municipality Mouzakiou, the Fanar Cultural Association “The Castle” and the Cultural Association Fanarioton “The Ithomi” music event titled “The castle-Fanar under the moonlight“



  • Zoni Archaeological Site: Music concert titled “Concert for piano. A love for summer” with the composer Yannis Spanos and soloists Chryssoula Stefanaki and Costas Tziagkoula


  • Komotini Archaeological Museum: Open to the public


  • Maronia Ancient Theatre: Open to the public
  • Tavanioti Mansion: Open to the public

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