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September 4, 2015

Captains & Fishermen

“…Two swimming costumes, three dresses, four shirts and my laptop…oh and my flip flops, my favorite bag, my sunglasses and my purple beach towel..” Within five minutes, I packed up my suitcase, I grabbed my keys and drove to Kosta in order to get to my beloved island, Spetses! Upon arriving at Kosta, the harbour at the side of the Peloponnese peninsula, I asked Captain Grigoris when will the caïque  leave, and he replied to me “… are you in a hurry? Life is just here, we will leave really soon, come on grab a chair and wait with us…”. I couldn’t resist on asking him whether he was a captain or a fisherman in the past, and he replied to me that he has done every profession that he could possibly do.  Captain Grigoris of “ΝΙΚΟΛΑΚΗΣ” caïque, with his sun-burnt reddish skin and  his grey and whitish hair, his choppedtoknee blue jeans and the typical captainhat, he was the most interesting part of this day. However, the best part was to drive the consecutive turns of Epidaurus until you reach Kosta and hop into the traditional caïque. Such an amazing experience! This time, I chose the caïque of “Νικολάκης” with captain Grigoris, I grabbed the finest seat, on the salty wooden floor, and I tried to capture the unimaginable view of my beautiful island, Spetses! Such an amazing experience!


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