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January 29, 2016

Escape to Pelion

Perched on the mountain slopes, the villages of Pelio have been recognized as one of the most beautiful regions of Greece that have managed to maintain their traditional character and their rich history. Pelio boasts some of the most famous traditional villages in Greece; set against an idyllic backdrop of shimmering olive groves, dense forests and lush orchards, these lovely stone villages are the true gems of Magnesia. Undoubtely, Pelio has something mysterious; it might be the microclimate of the wider region that has caused million explosions of nature by creating the myth of the mountain of the Centaurs. One of our favorite seasons in Pelio, however, is the winter with the purifying snowfalls and the rays of the sun, along with the misty and foggy atmosphere that emits an exclusive charm. The narrow labyrinthine roads, gliding from verdant oak ridges, crossing extensive chestrnut forests, the villages of Pelio will spellbound you. In such a wonderful place, where the sea and the mountains are immersed in such a mysterious way, in all the shades of white and blue, the nature of Pelio tranforms the prefecture of Magnesia every single season. From Portaria, Makrinitsa and Tsagarada to Kissos, Zagora, Drakia, and Agios Lavrentios, the villages of Pelio will make you fall in love with this region.

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