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April 19, 2016

Nuts, Chocolate & Coffee

Location: Athens & London Website: Carpoathens.com & Carpolondon.co.uk

All your senses lead you to Carpo! The scent of coffee and fresh roasted nuts, the vivid colors of dried fruits, the “music” of scoops as you are served a treat, the unparalleled flavor of all products, the feeling that you are in the heart of healthy nutrition. Only the best of products find their way to Carpo, when in season and quality is guaranteed. Visit Carpo for degustation, to get informed about the varieties of nuts, dried fruits and honey, learn the nutritional value, buy a coffee to go. Join the Carpo world and indulge yourself in the most exquisite gourmet treasures. Undeniably, Carpo is one of the favorite shops of the team of Mysterious Greece! Don’t miss it!

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