April 19, 2016

Contemporary Mosaic Seminar by Olga Goulandri

June 20 – June 24 2016

This workshop encourages students to create their own Work of Art, depicting this valuable tree that gives life in the Messinian land. You will learn how to combine beautiful materials create textures such as marble, stones, glass, terracotta, in a painterly fashion. You will be introduced to the light- dark, value and tones, learn how to create flow and placement through cutting techniques in order to create a contemporary mosaic for interior display. Mosaic style is unique to each individual and my aim is to help you create, develop, at your own pace, your personal work of art. The workshop will take place at Hotel Aggelos in Agios Andreas, Messenia, from June 20 to June 24, 2016.

About Olga Goulandris

Goulandris2Born in Athens Greece, where she lives, she has studied History of the Arts (Birbeck College) London U.K. – Works of Art course (Sotheby’s) London U.K. She has studied Byzantine as well as Contemporary Techniques in Greece, Italy and the United States (Mosaic Maestro Diploma Orsoni Venice – Italy, Mosaic study Friuli Spilimbergo – Italy, Mosaic Study with Sonia King, Texas – USA, Byzantine studies Athens – Greece. Olga Goulandris had 7 Solo exhibitions up to now, and has participated in several group exhibitions. She has many awards and recognition on her particular style and personality in the Mosaic world. Currently she is teaching Contemporary Mosaic Art at “Imittos Cultural Center”, Athens – Greece and has created a group of students called “Mosaic Kosmos” with several artistic activities.Her works are part of Museum and private collections in Greece and abroad.Her architectural installations were featured in several International Magazines such as “Maison Decoration” and “Casa Vogue” and had numerous art critic reviews, published about her work and special style. “ an aesthetic tale, this is what she is telling to her audience, and as such is from what it seems her whole creative being. The arrangement of the colors, the distances and intensities, and the connection of all the materials, shows the absolute consistency of a true artistic intellectual creation” S. Philicos Art Critic Olga Goulandris has achieved something great. It takes the threads of an ancient art (all of Greece, the Mediterranean is full of mosaics,( known or unknown), has studied Byzantine way, she has understood the popular tessellation, and is dedicated to the modern, “urban” mosaic with such fervor and self-denial that has made itself to glow and shine self-luminous. Her works are all different, each like an iris eye separately, with different breaths, a sketch of “blood vessels”. N.Vatopoulos Art Critic. Email: olgagoulandris@gmail.com

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