Influenced from world architectural movements, Greece has a long history in architecture. In fact, numerous worldwide masterpieces were inspired from the architecture of Ancient Greece. Due to the rich diversity along the centuries, the architecture of Greece is divided in several periods including the Minoan, the Mycenaean, the Classical, the Roman, the Byzantine, the Medieval, the Ottoman and the Neoclassical. Admire the wonderful frescoes in the Minoan Castle of Knossos in Heraklio and observe the strong Cyclopean walls of Mycenae and Tiryntha. Visit the exceptional classical marble temples in Aegina, Athens and Delphi and the ancient theatre of Herodus Atticus and Epidaurus and wander around the center of Athens in order to admire the Roman Agora of Athens. Pay your respects to the Byzantine churches and monasteries in Mount Athos, Meteora and Mystras to observe the exceptional multicolored wall frescoes. The medieval architecture of Chania and Rhodes will definitely leave you speechless, as you walk back to the medieval times. Visit the imposing Ottoman mosques in Crete and Kos and visit the outstanding neoclassical buildings in Athens, Syros and Nafplion. And let’s not forget about the unique architecture of the Cyclades; cubic houses and labyrinthine alleys painted in blue and white!