Easter is one of the greatest celebrations of Christianity. Faithful and pilgrims all over the country follow the rituals devoutly during the Holy Week. On Good Thursday, the Service of the Holy Passion is held while women also dye eggs in red on the morning, a custom that symbolizes the rebirth of life and nature. On Good Friday, the sacred day of the culmination of the Passion of Christ, people decorate the Epitaph, as the tradition wants the Crown of Thorns of Jesus Christ to be covered with flowers. The Epitaph Mass is held in the evening followed from the circumnavigation where people join the procession through the streets. On Easter Saturday, people gather in the churchyard just before midnight holding candles, which they will light with the Holy Light from Jerusalem. The Resurrection of Christ is celebrated at 00.00, the time when the priest chants the psalm Christos Anesti (Christ has Risen), people light their candles and fireworks light up the sky. Then, everybody gathers around the festive table in order to crack red eggs and eat the traditional magiritsa. Easter Sunday marks the end of the Lent Fast. On Easter Sunday, families gather together to roast the lamb on the spit and crack the red eggs. The red eggs symbolize the sealed tomb of the Christ where life is hidden, the standard clicking symbolizes the Resurrection of Christ and the lamb symbolizes Jesus Christ because He has been associated as the lamb of God who will take the sins of the world on his back from John the Baptist. Easter celebrations are exciting in the entire country! The island of Chios is famous for its glorious Easter festivities. On the night of Easter Saturday, the villagers of Vrondados get ready to set the night on fire though the renowned rocket war between the churches of Agios Markos and Panagia Erithiani and the village turns into a virtual battlefield! Easter in Corfu is also quite spectacular! The highlights of the Holy Week include the Parade of the Municipal Chorus on Good Friday and the circumambulation of the Epitaphs in the rhythms of the Philharmonics of Corfu. However, the most intriguing custom of Corfu is held on Easter Sunday; Christos Anesti is proclaimed against the ringing bells and parades of bands while people throw clay pots from the balconies and windows that crush on the streets! The Island of the Apocalypse, Patmos, is also known for its Easter celebrations. The H0ly Fountain Ceremony, aka the reenactment of the washing of the twelve disciples feet during the last supper before Jesus was crucified, takes place at the central square of Hora in the morning of Holy Thursday. The reenactment is held from the Bishop and twelve monks. Other celebrations include the fireworks at the Voulismeni Lake in Agios Nikolaos of Lasithi, the funeral procession in the medieval fortress of Monemvasia, the funeral procession in the village of Pyrgos of Santorini, the catholic and orthodox processions in Hermoupolis of Syros and the special custom with the colorful balloons in the sky of Leonidio Town on Peloponnese. Be inspired from the joyful celebrations and the sacred rituals of Greece in Easter! You can always combine your spring escape with the festive period of Easter in Greece!