Horse Riding

If you are passionate about horses, there is nothing that beats the thrill of travelling on horseback, as it is a great way of exploring the mountains. Yet romantic and also adventurous, either by the sea or the mountains, horseback riding will leave you with unforgettable memories in the unspoiled scenery of the Greek land. The long history of horses in Greece dates back from the period of Xenophon who wrote for the first known treatise on horsemanship, and legendary Bucephalus, one of the most famous warhorses in history, the one of Alexander the Great. Numerous destinations offer invigorating experiences of riding a horse. Some of the most interesting places include the riverbanks of Evinos in Nafpaktos, the village of Korisades in Evrytania, the villages of Rhodes Island, the village of Volakas in Xanthi, the villages of Pelio Peninsula in Magnesia, the villages of Marmari and Tigaki in Kos Island, the island of Skiathos, the villages of Lasithi Plateau in Crete, the village of Molyvos on Lesvos Island, the ranch in Kilkis and Kefalonia Island. Enjoy the trill of horse riding in Greece!