Birthplace of the Olympic Games, Greece is the place where Marathon was introduced for the first time. Few know its origin honors the legendary Greek soldier Phidippedes who raced from Marathonas to Athens to announce to the anxious Athenians about the glorious victory against the Persians in 490 BC; he had the strength to deliver the message just before he collapsed and died. If your aim to recharge your body and mind, Greece has it for you! Hometown of the Athens Classic Marathon, the original race of the run of Phidippedes from Marathonas to Athens, you will get ecstatic from the glorious sceneries and the millions of emotions that will surpass your imagination! Perhaps, the best part of it is finishing at the first marble-made Olympic stadium of Kallimarmaro. Nonetheless, if you are seeking for other options other than the classic ones, Greece hosts numerous races all year round. From the 300 Sparta Endurance Race of 378 kilometers, Poseidon Half Marathon in Athens and Psiloritis Race in Crete  to Alexander the Great International race in Thessaloniki, the Ultra Marathon of Doliho from Delphi to Ancient Olympia, the Zagori Race and the mountain race of Olympus, your choices will be endless! Wear your trainers and get ready to test your limits! Find more information from Running Greece Official Website.