Are you eager to experience the thrill of free flying in the beautiful land of Greece? Live the unique experience of a real take-off, touch the clouds and stimulate your adrenaline! Paragliding requires a good physical condition and an excellent technical and psychological alertness along with knowledge of aerodynamics and meteorology, which are taught from the instructors. Depending on the weather conditions, paragliding can reach the height of 4.000 meters travelling with a distance of two kilometers. The perfect climate conditions of Greece are ideal for paragliding experiences, since the drier the climate the better for the development of the sport. Numerous companies offer paragliding experiences in various locations of Greece including Crete Island, Lefkada Island and Karpenisi and Plataies in Central Greece, Ioannina in Epirus, Drama in Thrace and Edessa in Macedonia. For more information regarding paragliding in Greece, contact the Hellenic Aeronautical and Airports Federation.