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Land of Vendetta

You can never be prepared for a journey to Mani because, as you have probably heard, Mani is a sensational and rebellious region that will surpass even the most pleasurable rhymes and gratifying poems. Endless kilometers of driving around the rugged beauty of Mani will unveil the genuine identity of this historical place. Dozens of picturesque villages, impressive architecture with imposing towers, incredible landscapes alternating between arid beaches and dry sceneries, monuments full of history and places of worship, where the infamous and harsh Mani temperament was born over the centuries carved by time. The mysterious exploration of Mani’s true spirit starts from peaceful Gythio, passing through its natural borders towards the arid regions of the south. From the temple of Poseidon and Cape Tainaron, the archetypal image of Vathia village, a genuine castle with abandoned and evocative stone tower houses, and picturesque Gerolimenas, once an important commercial port of Mani, to the prehistoric caves of Diros, where you will realize the true meaning of the expression “unspeakable beauty”, lovely Limeni with its crystalline waters and traditional Areopoli, Mani shows off the authentic face of Greece. Truth to be said, you can explore Mani for days, even weeks, all year round. However, you will not be able to appreciate the genuine character of Mani, if you do not meet the people of Mani themselves, with their distinctive temperament, the authentic soul of Mani. They will immense you into the mysteries of this “holy” place, and they will share with you the history of their families that is depicted everywhere through the impressive stone Mani towers, which carry the history of Maniats bravery. A timeless destination of ghost villages and pristine beaches desolated on the rural peninsula of the Peloponnese offer some of the most dramatic mountain scenery of Greece. The indented coast and the sheer cliffs of Mani plunge into the sea challenging you to unveil the wild and barren landscape through hiking paths dotted with imposing stone towers.If not mesmerizing, a journey to Mani is truly enthralling.