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Background of Vivian Kouroumali

Born and raised at Riza village, within walking distance from Trikala of Corinth, my family and I have visited these three villages all year round. For this reason, we decided to buy a house at Ano Trikala; since then, Trikala of Corinth has a special place in my heart!


Mountainous Corinthia Through The Eyes of Vivian Kouroumali

Picturesque, unrevealed, colorful, traditional, magnificent and the list never ends; could you describe Mountainous Corinthia in five words?

Verdant, historical, panoramic views, mythical, atmospheric!

Mountainous Corinthia is one of the most beautiful winter destinations of Peloponnese. However, the majority of visitors seem to overlook the wider beauty of the region of Mountainous Corinthia. Could you please advice the travellers of Mysterious Greece on the best things they can do during their stay in the region of Mountainous Corinthia?

There are many things one can do during his days in mountainous Corinthia! Hiking lovers and mountain biking aficionados can visit Dasiou Lake while it is a must to visit Hermes Cave at the plateau of Flabouritsa; the descent into the cave requires particular attention and special equipment. Travellers should also visit the Environmental Museum of Stymfalia as well as the Ziria Sports Center for unique skiing experiences!

From the lovely square of Mesea Trikala, the lovely mountain of Ziria, the three lakes of Doxa, Stymfalia and Dasiou, the cave of Hermes with its colourful stalactites, the picturesque villages of Evrostina, Karya, Kalliani and Panorama and the panoramic view from Goura village, the region of Mountainous Corinthia hides millions of mysteries. If you had to choose your favorite location in Mountainous Corinthia, what would that be?

Lake Doxa has a special place in my heart! I believe it is a unique landscape with alpine beauty that someone deserves to visit in order to discover the genuine beauty of the Greek countryside. One can walk around the lake and visit the monastery of Agios Georgios to enjoy the panoramic view of the lake. Before you leave, make sure to taste sweet rose made from the monks!

Undeniably, Mountainous Corinthia is one of the most famous winter resorts of Greece! Could you please give two to three reasons that the travellers of Mysterious Greece should travel to Mountainous Corinthia?

  • It is very close to Athens, just one and a half hour away!
  • It is a great getaway for a weekend!
  • The facilities are very good and reflect to the requirements of the travellers!
  • The local food specialties, their quality and taste, are fantastic!
  • Those who are looking to relax or be active, the natural environment of mountainous Corinthia will impress them!

Although Mountainous Corinthia is one of the most famous winter resorts of Peloponnese, it has an unexplored side unknown to the majority of people. If you were going to give advice to the travellers of Mysterious Greece, where would you recommend them to go to acquire a complete image of the beauty of the wider region of Mountainous Corinthia?

One of the secret gems of mountainous Corinthia, a lesser-known village, is the village of Gellini; it is a charming village, full of trees and flowing streams, which feels like it has sprung out of a fairytale!

Not even two hours away from the region of Mountainous Corinthia, you will find the lovely villages of Mountainous Arcadia including Dimitsana, Karytaina Stemnitsa and Vytina, one of the most beautiful regions of Peloponnese. Have you ever visited these villages? If yes, could you please describe to us your experience?

Despite being so close to mountainous Corinthia, I just recently visited the villages of Arcadia! What impressed me the most include the unique architecture and the natural beauty of these villages! Also, don’t miss the hiking route that passes Mainalo Mountain, it’s so beautiful!

What’s your favorite sunset spot in Mountainous Corinthia?

The privileged position of Ano Trikala village with the unpretentious romantic colors of the horizon makes it an ideal sunset spot! However, my favorite spot is my house!
Describe to us your top 5 List for things to do in the region of Mountainous Corinthia!

  1. Visit the 3 lakes of mountainous Corinthia (Dasiou, Doxa, Stymfalia)!
  2. Practise skiing in Ziria Sports Center!
  3. Descend Hermes Cave!
  4. Follow the hiking route from Varnevo to Flambouritsa!
  5. Taste the local food specialties in the traditional taverns and the Corinthian raisin!

Concerning the gastronomic experience of Mountainous Corinthia, could you please advice us two to five of your favorite taverns and restaurants?

  • Opos Palia, Mesea Trikala
  • To Agnanti, Mesea Trikala
  • Orizontes, Ano Trikala
  • To Hani Tou Hania, Ano Trikala
  • Pizza Ala Horiata, Mesea Trikala

Please describe to us an unforgettable moment of yours in Mountainous Corinthia!

The most beautiful moment of mine was when I climbed to the top of Ziria Mountain at an altitude of 2.374 meters. Since it was summer, we started off at dawn! The view from the top was spectacular where we could see the Corinthian Gulf, Loutraki, Heraion, Parnassos Mountain and Alkyonides Islands!

According to your opinion, which is the must-visit monument in Mountainous Corinthia?

The must visit monument in mountainous Corinthia is the Mansion of Notaradon in Ano Trikala!

Share with us your mystery!

All children love mysteries and so did we! When I was a kid, we heard various stories for the glorious and abandoned hotel Theoxenia in Ano Trikala; so, we decided to enter it and discover its mysteries! If you dare, visit this mysterious place to discover its mysteries by yourself!

This space is just for you! Please feel free to add anything you think that was missing from the questionnaire!

I believe that mountainous Corinthia is an all year round destination! Every summer, a triathlon event is held at Lake Doxa and Ziria Sports Center! This mountain never sleeps!