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Welcome to Mysterious Greece

“…Open hearted with crystalline eyes, travel enthusiast and photography lover, always keen on discovering and exploring new mysteries with an immense passion and a tremendous love for my country. And one mission: To illustrate to the world the unimaginable beauty of my Greece…”

My name is Stefania and I will present you all the mysteries of Greece. All it takes to discover the beauty, culture, history and nature of Greece is a simple desire. This simple desire was born from the depth of my soul two years ago. My main mission was to illustrate to the world the unimaginable beauty of my Greece. Although the journey of Mysterious Greece just began, my journey started off in 2013. If you want to discover all about the story behind the scenes of Mysterious Greece, keep reading…

All About Mysterious Greece

“…Mysterious Greece presents the authentic side of f Greece by providing information about every destination that only a local could know…”

Mysterious Greece is an online travel guide that aims to provide to the travellers a comprehensive set of information for Greece. Its differentiation,compared to other travel guides, lies mainly on the information it provides, as its main goal is to present the authentic side of Greece by providing information about every destination that only a local could know. Indeed, the travel tips of Mysterious Greece come from local people of the islands and mainland Greece. Mysterious Greece will serve as an online travel magazine, as our team will travel to new destinations in order to renew its content and reveal new mysterious travel tips on a monthly basis. Travellers will find the new escapes of Mysterious Greece in the chapter of monthly articles. On the other hand, the travel guides of Mysterious Greece will assist travellers with detailed information on each destination, where they will also find the so-called Mysterious Greece Tips, which give the opportunity to the travellers to live a unique experience in each destination. Travellers will also have the opportunity to choose their ideal destination depending on their travel mood; from a wide choice of 65 categories, it is definite that travellers will find what they need. Are you ready to unveil the mysteries of Greece?

How It All Started

“…The main driving force behind the completion of Mysterious Greece was my immense love for Greece and my admiration for the Greek culture…”

When I was a teenager, I always used to organize the summer explorations to new destinations with my best friends. Every summer, we would go to a new island in the Aegean so that we could unveil the mysteries of another destination, unknown to us. However, I had a major problem in finding these information easy and quickly, as there was not even one single website offering a comprehensive set of information for Greece. So, I decided that I would be the one who would create this website.I chose to create an online travel guide that would portray the authenticity and uniqueness of the Greek culture, the Greek beauty and the Greek history… I managed to achieve this, as Mysterious Greece provides information that only a local could know.My initial idea was to create a simple online travel guide that would provide accurate and trusted information to the travellers of Greece. By the passage of time, I realized that I wanted to differentiate Mysterious Greece from other travel guides by providing information that capture the authenticity of the Greek culture, the Greek beauty and the Greek history.

The Story Behind the Name

“…In my own distinctive way, I want to introduce to the travellers of Mysterious Greece how they can experience the authentic side of Greece…”

My main mission was to illustrate the unimaginable beauty of my Greece. So, I decided to name this project with a word of a Greek origin. Etymologically, the word mystery originates from the word «μυείν», which refers to the closure of the lips and the eyes of the active members of the ancient Greek mysteries, who were not allowed to communicate with other people who had not been initiated. The ancient Greek mysteries were kept secret from the general public, as it was believed to be the higher spiritual heritage in Ancient Greece. Secrecy at its best, the participants who had initiated to the ritual practice, could not reveal anything to the outsiders. Indeed, the word mysterious has a Greek origin that derives from the word «μυστήριον» [m·y·s·t·e·r·i·o·n].

Unveil the Mysteries Behind the Scenes of Mysterious Greece

“…Mysterious Greece would have been only an idea without my family…”


Mysterious Greece was my dream. However, this project would have never been completed without the people who devoted effort and time for the accomplishment Mysterious Greece. Most of all, the project of Mysterious Greece would have not been accomplished without the help of my parents, Miranda and Nikos, along with my beloved brother and ‘sister’, Konstantinos and Danae. Mysterious Greece would have been only an idea without my family.

Business Partners VS Partners in Crime

My greatest gratitude goes to my partner crime. From flames and dust to lovers and friends, you will always know who you are and remember that good things never come to an end. In good times and bad times, when I needed help and expertise in my biggest problems regarding the project of Mysterious Greece, my partner crime, Despina, was always there to support me and help me. Without her, the project of Mysterious Greece would have never been accomplished.

Creativity & Imagination at Its Finest Records

The creativity and imagination of my website’s builder company, 33 Communication, made the difference all along the entire process. Dimitris with his outstanding expertise in web developing, Demetra with her artistic and inspiring ideas, Eve with her business and organizational perspectives, Panos with his business viewpoints and Giannis for his communication and graphic concepts. This is my creative team that managed to transform my idea into a visual representation along with my guidance.

Insider’s Supremacy

My paramount gratitude goes to the insiders of Greece. Local people from every location of the country have supported Mysterious Greece with insider travel tips. Without the insiders, Mysterious Greece would be still a mystery!

It’s All About Spreading the Word

The team of Citrine Marketing, aka Elena, Irene and Diamantis, managed to bring an authentic way of advertising and promoting Mysterious Greece in the web. When I attended the launch of Diamantis book, the first book for social media marketing in the Greek language, I knew that he has the spirit I need for Mysterious Greece. Citrine Marketing knows all about spreading the word to people!

One Picture Equals One Million Words

Giorgos Vdokakis is one of greatest photographers I have met in my life. A genuine photographer who gave me the best gift someone could ever give me; a spectacular series of portrait images for the About Mysterious Greece page that can be characterized as genuine, natural but above all truthful. He has his own way to depict what he observes in front of his eyes, a way that gives you millions of emotions and sentiments, a characteristic that most photographers have forgotten in the 21st century.

The Puzzle of 5

Words of wisdom, pictures of imagination, quotes of utmost help, enthusiastic smiles and assistance when needed; five things I would never forget in the entire process of the accomplishment of Mysterious Greece, which complete the puzzle with five of my beloved people. Eleni, my far-away voice of assistance, who always tries to help me in moments of utmost craziness, Clementine, my queen of imagination, who literally can visualize any spoken word, Marilena, the voice of excitement, who always gets amazed from the project and gives me strength to continue, Nadine, the ‘crazy’ one with the sweetest smile who is always there to help me, and Tasos, the first person that comes to my mind when I have good news, who listens to me with his greatest respect in order to provide me with words of wisdom that no one could ever understand.

At the end of the day, it’s all about wanderlust, isn’t it?
From Mysterious Greece with love,