It’s All About Wanderlust
Stefania's Column

Oh these years, they were difficult years. Lots of mysteries to explore in order to be ready to launch the website of Mysterious Greece on time. Escapes to the Greek islands were the only thing that kept ringing on my mind, giving me strength to continue till the end. Although the plan was to solely visit my favorite island, Spetses, all of the sudden my best friend, Eleni, returned from the States, we grabbed the boat along with our insider friend Christianna and discovered the tiny isle of Antiparos. Golden shores, whitewashed cubic houses, isolated beaches, picturesque taverns and exquisite cocktail bars were waiting for us. From the emerald waters of Mikros Soros, the delicious fresh fish of Kapetan Pipinos tavern, and the refreshing cocktails of Boogaloo to exploration drives towards Livadia beach, rib cruising at the Blue Lagoon, an exotic paradise between the isles of Tigani and Panteronisi, and views to the entire cluster of Paros and Antiparos islands, it is definite that Antiparos gave me unforgettable moments. On my way back to Athens, I grabbed the VIP seat on the deck overlooking the vastness of the Aegean Sea. Undeniably, this is the best seat anyone could ask for. While listening to Eleni’s favorite song, Altalena from Lino Cannavacciuolo (what a melody!), I tried to encapsulate all the moments of this distinctive experience, four days in paradise. Every single summer of my twenty-four years life, I have been spending time on the Greek islands. When I look back, everything is different, because, my mysterious friend, we have monuments of inimitable beauty in my country, and every one of them will give you unique memories. Suddenly, I looked high on the dark blue sky; I asked the old man standing next to me if what I was observing was the red moon! I couldn’t believe in my eyes! A red moon in the middle of the Aegean Sea! How lucky was I! This was the favorite part of my journey, the deep red moon that seemed like approaching the deck of the ship. I gazed the Milky Way, of the dark sky with the glooming stars, and the red-deep-red moon, dreaming of this great summer that filled me with the greatest memories I could ever ask for. However, we all have to remember that it’s all about wanderlust; its the journey that counts, not the destination. As highlighted from Cavafy, one of the most glorious Greek poets, Ithaca is the timeless symbol of adventure and travel. One has to indulge into new pursuits and look with a different glance around so that he can remember what has been forgotten; to live and appreciate simple moments in a real treasure of unspoiled nature like Greece. Cavafy highlighted that the journey is more important than your arrival to your destination. “…and if you find her poor, Ithaca has not deceived you… wise as you have become, with so much experience, you must have already understood what Ithacas mean…”. So, go on. Travel as much as you can. Discover as through tomorrow will never come. Live the moments in your life and don’t ever forget that the journey is more important than your arrival to your destination. Just beyond the crystalline gaze of my eyes, I hope to find your own Ithaca on the most beautiful country on earth, my Greece. I whispered to the fairies, the nymphs and the muses of the Greek mythology all the mysteries of Greece in faith for giving you the opportunity to experience your own perspective in Greece, and find your own Ithaca.

At the end of the day, it’s all about wanderlust, isn’t it?

From Mysterious Greece with Love, Stefania