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Background of Lydia Vafiadaki

Syros, the capital of the Aegean. Classy with a unique Neoclassical Cycladic architecture. Christian Orthodox’s’ and Catholics. I have been visiting Syros since I was born. As years went by, I created my “summer friends” from all around the world. Every year, Syros is our meeting point, after a long winter while being apart. Friends from Athens and from abroad, that just visited Syros once, and this “one time” became “forever”.

An attractive island with its own unique beauty, colors and destinations. Syros is an island that can travel you into time. It combines entertainment, relaxation, intensity, flavors  and exploration. You can choose between a theatrical act and musicals, cinema, gambling at the casino, restaurants  and taverns, nightlife and historical monuments and culture. I keep going back every summer by counting down the days every year.

Syros Through The Eyes of Lydia Vafiadaki

Aristocratic, enthralling, stunning, unknown, striking and the list never ends; could you describe Syros in five words?

Colorful, Magnificent, Time traveler, Adventurous, Loveable

Syros is the capital of the Cyclades and one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea. However, the majority of visitors seem to overlook the wider beauty of Syros Island. Could you please advice the travellers of Mysterious Greece on the best things they can do during their stay in Syros?

While visiting Syros, you have plenty of options on what to do. Besides the beaches of Agathopes, Galissas, Komito, Delfini and Kini that are the most popular ones you can also have a swim at the “Asteria” bar in the area of “Vaporia”.


If you are an art lover, you can visit the “Apollon Theater” in Hermoupolis to see an act or a musical. It is worth going there even just to admire the theatre itself.


You can also watch a movie at the Cinema next to the “Miaouli Square” next to the Town Hall.


You can enjoy your lunch or dinner with friends and family either on the beach, on the cliff with stunning views or in Hermoupolis next to the yachts and an endless crowd of visitors and locals passing by getting prepared for the bars and the club of the island in “Lazareta” with an amazing view of the entire city of Hermoupolis during the dawn since it is just opposite to it.


For the gamblers, there is a Casino in Hermoupolis just across the port after climbing up the stairs.


From the traditional settlement of Ano Syros with its distict architecture, the neoclassical buildings of Hermoupolis, and the aristocratic district of Vaporia to charming Kini with its stunning sunsets, striking Dellagracia with its verdant vegation, and serene Finikas with its crystalline waters, Syros hides millions of mysteries. If you had to choose your favorite location in Syros, which would that be and why?

That would be “Vaporia” area. The most picturesque, colorful and relaxing place in Syros. All you need to bring along is a pair of flat shoes, good company and you are all set!

Once you reach the famous “Agios Nikolaos” Orthodox Church, you just have to follow the steps towards the sea, and they will lead you right. First stop, a small restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine and light music. From there, you can already taste the sea.

Keep going down and you are there! My favorite bar… You can enjoy your refreshing cocktail on the sun beds, with relaxing music, which is usually covered by the sound of the waves hitting on the rocks. Finally, you can clear your mind, or think of things you never thought of before, by the view of all those small little flickering lights that all together make a portrait come alive. During the daytime, you can notice all those different pallet colors coming into harmony and a totally different landscape.

The beaches of Syros are considered distinctive and different from the other Cyclades. Which are your favorite beaches?

Varvarousa” beach. My favorite beach. This is your chance to explore the wild beauty of the island. Hop on into a sea taxi from Kini area, and you will get stunned from the deep blue and light aqua waters of the “hidden” beaches of Syros. “Varvarousa” -which is named after “Captain Barbarossa” with the red beard, due to a “tricky” rock between the open ocean and the beach, which allowed him to hide and escape with his ship from the pirates-, is a virgin beach with crystal clear waters.


You can either explore the beach with the untouched sand cracking on your each step and your feet being covered by the soft sand underneath, or the aquatic world of it with the starfishes and the colorful fishes looking at you from inside their “dancing” sea anemones. I love this place, as it sets me free, with its cold clear water and its wild landscapes. All you will find on this beach is a little grey stone house with blue windows and every time you will create a different story around it…


Also, “Agathopes” is my favorite beach where you will be able to reach by car. It is an organized beach with music, a bar, a restaurant and taverns. It is the most famous beach of Syros and it is always full of life with people enjoying their swim into the clear water of the beach or on the shallows with their cocktails, or even playing rackets and volleyball. All you need is there, soft sand, shade or sun. This is up to you.


Delfini” beach is the last accessible by car beach. Further to this, you can go by floats and yachts or by climbing the hills. It is isolated from the rest and at the same time  you can enjoy the music from the beach bar while swimming and its crystal clear waters as this beach is very close to the virgin beaches.

Please describe to us an unforgettable moment of yours in Syros!

My unforgettable moments in Syros are endless. Unique moments. Having the best time with my friends on the beach or during the nighttime enjoying the amazingly vivid nightlife in Hermoupolis bars and signing on the beach with a guitar until dawn.


But my most, stunning moment of all, was when I discovered that near “Galissas” beach, there is a small church built in a cave and named “Agios Stefanos” church. This place will leave you speechless. The feeling is indescribable. You can go there either by climbing down the cliff or by a boat and then climb up the grayish steps leading to the church and its most wonderful sea view you will ever find! Once you reach the top, you may hit the bell  within the cave and just sit and stare. I had never been that amazed by a place nor a view. My Dad drove me and my friends there to see this place. As soon as we reached, we all remained quiet and all we wanted was to get off the boat and climb up those stairs. Since getting there  is not really easy, we were totally alone in this place.


We stayed there for quite a long time in order to see the sunset. Oh well, this is one of the best places on earth and thus, this church is ranked in the top 10 worldwide. No doubt. Hope one day you will get there and you will realize that there are no words for its islanding beauty.

What’s your favorite sunset spot in Syros?

San Michalis… It is the highest and most isolated part of the island and the last point that can be reached by car. On that hill, you will find two amazing Greek Taverns along with delicious food and of course…a magnificent sunset with a view that leaves you speechless. The perfect time to visit San Michalis, is in the evening, just before the sunset, in order to enjoy the ride and “catch” the sunset while enjoying your chilled wine and deciding what would your dinner dish be, followed by the traditional music.

Describe to us your top 5 List for things to do in Syros!

In Syros, you have plenty of different options on what to do during your visit. You can start your night with a movie at the “Pallas” summer cinema, or if visiting during the winter time, there also a winter cinema.


If you love gambling, you can visit the Casino of Hermoupolis while enjoying your drink. Small place but lucky!


You can also enjoy a walk in “Ano Syros” in the small “sokakia” of the island, by having a great view and small shops with handmade traditional products from the locals. You may also find delicious food since this place is covered by Greek traditional taverns and “Ouzo”.


During the day, you can find “Perla”, the famous boat that takes you to the “hidden” beaches, and spend your whole day on the virgin beach that you will choose on the spot while seeing them one by one. Each one of them a small paradise.


And of course, you should not miss out the night life of the island. All the bars on the harbor and the square are being packed from visitors and locals dancing with the rhythm of Greek and Mainstream music all night. Before that, you can start with a glass of wine, some ouzo, or a cooling cocktail along with a nice dinner or Souvlaki at “Giannena” tavern. You should really try this place out.


What’s your favorite cocktail bar with a view in Syros?

Best cocktail bar with a view… That would be “Syrianon Kafepotion” in Ano Syros. This is the upper part of the island where the old town is and all the colorful buildings you see as soon as you reach the island are. You can enjoy a 180-degree view of the Hermoupolis.


You can also enjoy the best cocktails in Hermoupolis at “Baba Bar”. This is a small white colored bar, with the most famous cocktails and best presentation. You will never stop on one drink!

Concerning the gastronomic experience of Syros, could you please advice us two to five of your favorite taverns and restaurants?

Allou Giallou”, is famous for its seafood. It is located in the area of Kini, on the beach with a gourmet Mediterranean cuisine. Perfect  time is both for lunch and dinner. You can go either with your swimsuit after the beach to enjoy the sunset, or at night with its cheering music.


In Hermoupolis, you will find “Mammo” and “Kouzina”. “Mammo” is a quite new place, with the most amazing “new” and selective choice of dishes. Each one is totally different from another. You will find dishes such as French fries with smoked salmon and cheese, to sea urchin salad or even steak.


This is being followed by a wide selection of all kind of wines. “Kouzina” is well hidden, as it is located in a small pedestrian street. Once you find it, you will suddenly see a different style of entertainment. Small taverns gathered on the pave with live music of “bouzouki” (traditional Greek instrument) and all people singing along with it. A street covered by flowers and lights. In this restaurant, you will find gourmet dishes and wine selection. Do not forget to write down your summer thoughts on the paper tablecloth that will be on your table with colorful crayons.


Now “AMVIX” is one of the oldest restaurants in Syros. I am bringing you to the Italian part of the island this time. As Syros is influenced by the Italian style and architecture, a traditional Italian restaurant could not be missing from it. Delicious Italian pasta and pizza in wooden  oven, with Italian products and Italian owners. You cannot miss this out. You will find it just across the port.


ONO”, is our new posh and luxury restaurant. It is on the beach of “Agathopes”, the most famous beach of the island and one of the best ones. You may enjoy its food either on the beach or at the restaurant itself. Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, with selection of Sushi and Greek dishes or even burger with seafood and colorful bread. You will be tempted to take a picture from each dish.


According to your opinion, which is the must-visit monument in Syros?

Must monument of Syros would certainly be the “Apollon” Theater. This is the heritage of Syros since 1864. It is an exact miniature of the “Teatro alla Scala” of Milan. Great shows and musicals take place there almost every day. You can buy your ticket at the theater.


Before reaching the “Apollon” Theater, you will cross the famous main “Miaouli Square” of Hermoupolis where the Town Hall is located. It is surrounded by cafes and restaurants, people passing by or sitting on the steps of the Town Hall relaxing. Some summer nights, if lucky, you will be able to enjoy stages with live music during the night and concerts of famous Greek singers and bands or even live TV shows. The Town Hall is always a meeting point


Share with us your mystery!

The Myth says that “Agios Stefanos” Church, located near the beach of “Galissas”, was built by a fisherman who was luckily saved from being eaten from a giant octopus. Is this really true?

This space is just for you! Please feel free to add anything you think that was missing from the questionnaire!

While visiting Syros, you should definitely not miss out the traditional delicacies of the island. These would be the homonym from the area in the northern part of the island, “San Michalis” famous cheese. And of course, the very well know “loukoumi” and “chalvadopites”. Sweets in unlimited different flavors and packages.


If you are a “loukoumi” lover, I am letting you know that every year in August there is the “Loukoumi” festival in Ano Syros and in front of the Town Hall in Hermoupolis. Thousands and thousands of “loukoumia” are being used as pallet colors, and gigantic, medium and small mosaic pieces of art are being created. You will be able to admire them and of course eat them!