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September 8, 2017

The Top Winter Destinations in Greece


Who said Greece is not a #winter destination?

Climate gets colder and temperatures decrease. Mountains turn snowy and valleys become white. Rivers and lakes get frosted frozen. The sky is filled with greyish calling clouds and the sweet feeling of melancholy surpasses you. Whoever believes that Greece is not for winter, he is mistaken! Characterized as one of the craggiest countries of Europe, eighty percent of Greece is mountainous hiding

Whoever believes that Greece is not for winter, he is mistaken! Characterized as one of the craggiest countries of Europe, eighty percent of Greece is mountainous hiding

Characterized as one of the craggiest countries of Europe, eighty percent of Greece is mountainous hiding millions sceneries of unbelievable diversity.

Discover the top winter destinations in Greece!

Winter Destinations in Greece

1. Arahova, Parnassos

Top Winter Destinations in Greece

View of Arahova village © Dimitra Kirgannaki

Behind the craggy and imperious mountain slopes of Parnassus, the true heart of the mountain is revealed through its authentic traditional villages. Sceneries of untamed beauty are hidden in the wild soul of the mountains. Wrapped in fog and mist, your eyes will be captivated from the dramatic views of the picturesqueness of this village.

Favored from adventure lovers eager for unexpected emotions of mountainous nature, Arahova is the nymph of Parnassus. Nestling at an altitude of nine hundred meters, Arahova dazzles from the sparkling lights of the winter. Red tiled roofs blend with the whitewashed clouds and stone chimneys pour greyish smoke to the mountain sceneries. The supreme silence of the snowy slopes behind the embroidered curtains of your window is the absolute master of the peaceful landscape in the mountain life of Arahova.

Praised for its beauty and acclaimed as the natural balcony of Parnassus, beautiful and timeless Arahova, the winter duchess, will steal your heart.


Climb the 264 stairs of Egarsios Dromos to reach the historic church of Agios Georgios with the magnificent views!

Discover the cave of Korikion Andron for its rich composition of stalactites and stalagmites!

Pay your visit to the oracle of Delphi for its archaeological significance and its untamed beauty!

Practise your favorite winter sport at the ski center of Parnassos for practising winter sports!

Visit the village of Agoriani for its authentic spirit and its delicious taverns!

Visit the Byzantine monastery of Osios Loukas for its religious importance that has been declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site!


Slide your skis at Parnassos Ski Center during the afternoon hours where you will have the opportunity to admire one of the most spectacular alpine sunsets of Greece!


2. Elatohori, Pieria

Top Winter Destinations in Greece

Snowcapped Trees © Kostas

Once upon a time, the muses of Pieria, the priestesses of the arts and letters, used to reside in the primeval forests of Piria. Nowadays, walking lovers, hiking enthusiasts and winter sports aficionados with an immense passion on nature, enjoy this unique plateau.

Pieria Mountains are considered to be the most beautiful mountain range of the country characterized from verdant and lush vegetation. Perched at an altitude of 1000 meters on the craggy slopes of Pieria Mountains, Elatohori, which literally translates to the fir tree village, holds the reigns of one of the most beautiful winter destinations of Macedonia. With magnificent views to the legendary homeland of the Twelve Olympians and the splendor of wild beauty and alpine nature with dense forests, the village of Elatohori promises to offer you unforgettable moments of relaxation and tranquility.

Magical trails, picturesque villages, friendly hospitality, beautiful nature, rich vegetation and panoramic vistas to the endless blue of the Thermaic Gulf, Elatohori is one of your best choices if you are looking for a Greek winter destination to escape!


The church of Agios Nikolaos in Palio Elatohori village for its wonderful wood-carved temple!

The plateau of Sarakatsana for its stunning views to Mount Olympus and the Thermaic Gulf!

The refugee of Olympus after hiking to the imperious slopes of the homeland of the Twelve Olympians!

The ski center of Elatohori for practising winter sports with amazing views to Olympus Mountain and Aliakmonas River!

The Square of Palio Elatohori for its authentic character and its charming beauty! From there, one can visit the Folklore Museum!

The village of Ritini for its traditional character and its wonderful view to the plateau of Katerini, the Thermaic Gulf and the Aegean Sea and the village of Vria for its impressive nature, an amazing driving route! From there, you can always visit the ancient quarry!

The village of Palios Panteleimonas for its traditional character!

The wooded location of Keramida with its gigantic plane trees, its wooden bridges and its gurgling waters, which, during the winter, becomes an iddylic frozen landscape!


You should definitely visit the village of Litohoro for its unimaginable beauty with a magical view to the Mountains of Pieria! Litohoro can serve as a starting point for trekking, hiking and mountain biking to the Olympus Mountain!

3. Kalavryta, Achaia

Top Winter Destinations in Greece

View of Kalavryta © Kostas Giannoulis

Nestling on the forested slopes of Chelmos, Kalavryta is filled with millions of images. Historical monasteries and charming villages, snowy slopes filled with skiers and rough dirt roads for courageous explorers, craggy ravines and verdant fir forests for tireless walkers; Chelmos, the most imposing mountain of Peloponnese, promises unforgettable experiences. From its rugged hills, the landscapes dramatically transform from the azure waters of the Corinthian Gulf to the foaming waters of Vouraikos and the imperious fir trees.

Lovely and picturesque Kalavryta, notoriously known for its spectacular train journey and its astonishing snowy slopes, will hypnotize you with its mysteries. One of the most breathtaking railway journeys in the world combined with striking natural beauty sceneries compose the outstanding images of Kalavryta; from ancient monasteries and underground cave lakes to flowing rivers, snowy mountains and verdant vegetation, Kalavryta has it all! A dreamy setting with charming squares, cobblestone alleys and stone houses salutes the romantic souls! The snowwhite costume of Chelmos with the abundant fir forest creates a magical setting up until the red-tiled roofs of the Kalavritan houses that spread over the werstern slopes of the mountain.

Undoubtedly, Kalavryta’s melodiousness is concealed behind the craggy slopes of Chelmos; dreamier than you ever have dreamt about! Ready to dive into the mysticity of Kalavryta?


The Cave of the Lakes as it is considered to be one of the most beautiful caves of the Peloponnese that distinguishes for its multicolor chamber and its impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations!

The Forest of Strofilia as it is the biggest pine forest of Greece and a spectacular natural reserve that separates the lake of Prokopios from the Ionian Sea with a think strip of pine trees that belongs to the European Network of Natura 2000! Strofilia Forest is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Greece ideal for natural explorations.

The Monastery of Agia Lavra as it is one of the most important monasteries of Kalavryta where the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Ottomans was declared.

The Ski Center of Kalavryta, the second largest ski center of Greece, for pracising your favorite winter sports!

The Village of Planitero, one of the most beautiful villages of Achaea, distinguishes for its verdurous vegetation and its flowing streams. The springs of Aroanios River is one of the most attractive locations of the wider area whose sources are famous for its delicious trouts fishery.

The Village of Zarouchla that distinguishes for its picturesqueness with its stone houses and its cobblestone alleys. For those you love hiking, a network of paths and trail has been planned around Helmos Mountain.


One of the most spectacular railway rides, Diakofto – Kalavryta Railway, awaits you for showcasing its almighty beauties! Located on the northern side of the Peloponnese peninsula, the railway is the narrowest rack railway of Europe running for 22 kilometers from Diakofto village through Vouraikos Gorge, the Monastery of Mega Spileo and Zachlorou village to the town of Kalavryta. Find more information from Odontotos Rack Railway Official Website

4. Mountainous Nafpaktia, Etoloakarnania

Top Winter Destinations in Greece

Ano Hora village © John Pappas Φ

Mountainous Nafpaktia is a fascinating mountain destination, one of Greece’s mainland best-kept-secrets ideal for nature lovers. Forty-five villages hanging between the endless forests of beech, fir, walnut and chestnut trees are connected through valleys and magical landscapes travel you to the heart of the mountain.

Standing above the lovely seaside Greek sceneries, mountainous Nafpaktia is one of the most beautiful destinations for winter escapes. The local people and the timeless tradition of mountainous Nafpaktia mark the true and genuine soul of this region. The diverse landscape and the geological importance of Nafpaktia favour the rich flora and fauna of the Greek nature enchanting even the most demanding travellers through enjoyable routes through the beautiful wooded regions full of oak, fir, beech, plane and chestnut trees and crystalline streams. Whether you are a nature lover or an adventure admirer, mountainous Nafplaktia is a paradise for winter activities and adventure sports. Dotted with specially marked trails through verdant forests, craggy gorges, flowing streams and picturesque villages, hiking enthusiasts will fall in love with this corner of Greece.

Forests of oak, fir, beech, walnut, chestnut and plane trees, crystal clear streams, the Evinos river and magnificent Evinolimni lake, trails in ravines and forest roads in beautiful landscapes create the fantastic images of this region drawing attraction for nature lovers by offering alternative tourism activities from kayaking and rafting to Evinos River to mountain biking, off-roading and trekking in the bare regions of mountainous Nafpaktia.


The artificial lake of Evinolimni! From the villages of Arahova, Klepa and Neohori, you will have the opportunity to admire panoramic vistas of Evinolimni!

The river of Evinos where you can have an amazing rafting experience! Don’t forget to look for the arched bridge of Artotiva on the banks of Evinos, southwest of Platanos!

The hiking trail that crosses Kakavos Gorge, one of the most famous trails of mountainous Nafpaktia!

The monastery of Ambelakiotissa with the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary in the homonymous village!

The triangle villages of Ano Hora-Kato Hora, Platanos and Simos to discover the mysterious beauties of mountainous Nafpaktia! Ano Hora and Kato Hora are the main villages of mountainous Nafpaktia!

The verdurous village of Elatou to admire the majestic nature, the lovely village of Limnitsa for its panoramic views to the region of Nafpaktia and the genuine village of Platanos that still mantains the traditional character of the region! In Platanos, you can also visit the pictursque cobblestone square with the church of Agios Nikolaos, the National Resistance Museum as well as the Folklore Collection of Platanos!


Follow the famous trail of Hercules that connects the villages of Ano Hora with Ambelakiotissa passing through the impressive gorge of Kakavos! Ask the locals before following it since the trail can be rough depending the weather conditions!

5. Karpenisi, Evrytania

Top Winter Destinations in Greece

View of Karpenisi © Gk Kona

Trails in steep canyons with verdurous sceneries, huge waterfalls with gurgling streams and icy rivers with fairytale sceneries will guide you through the magic of nature of Evrytania. This is the magnetic and incomparable charm of Evrytania. As the miles roll, the winding roads reveal upright fir trees and strapping oak trees on the misty atmosphere of the wild mountains. Snowcapped mountains with ageless summits and towering fir trees, crystalline lakes and frozen rivers, picturesque villages planted in the green landscape.

Lost in the fog, this is the alpine beauty of Evrytania’s nature. Imperious mountains and imposing rivers challenge you to live adventurous moments to the fullest. Karpenisi is a place covered with snow nestling at an altitude of 950 meters in the verdurous mountain slopes of Velouhi. It is the most mountainous capital of Greece that stands in the heart of the massive mountains of the most rugged region of Roumeli. The beautiful town will welcome you with the rustling of the fir trees and the coolness of the water.

All the magical elements of the mountainous nature intertwine in the most harmonious way creating an environment of unparalleled beauty that was conquered from thousands of imperious and rebellious characters over the centuries. This is Evrytania, a majestic place to live in.

Are you ready to dive into the alpine state of mind?


The folklore museum of Megalo Horio that exhibits an extensive collection with agricultural tools and utensils from the traditional occupations of the village while two rooms are dedicated to the typical representation of the traditional house of Megalo Horio. It is worth mentioning that the collections of the museum were a courtesy of the residents of Megalo Horio!

The Gorge of Panta Vrehi, one of the most beautiful gorges of Evrytania, which distinguishes for its idyllic atmosphere, its beautiful colors and its dense vegetation!

The monastery of Panagia Prousiotissa, the spiritual and pilgrimage center of Evrytania, for its impressive steep rocky location and its religious importance to the history of the region!

The lake of Kremasta, the largest artificial lake of Greece, which distinguishes for its incomparable beauty of Kremasta Lake with its turquoise waters, its lovely fjords and its scattered isles!

The ski center of Velouhi as it is one of the most spectacular ski centers of Greece where you can practice your favorite winter sports!

The village of Korisades for its verdurous vegetation and its serene atmosphere, where you can visit the National Resistance Museum that displays the rich history of the village, the villages of Nostimo and Voutyro for their spectacular natural sceneries, the village of Megalo Horio for its authentic atmosphere spectacular views to the Valley of Karpenisiotis River and the peaks of Mount Helidona and the village of Mikro Horio picturesque character with a tranquil atmosphere ideal for those looking for peacefulness!


Evrytania is fortunate enough to be covered from the finest of nature like of which can be found only in fairytales. Imperious mountains and challenging canyons, flowing rivers and waterfalls and lush vegetation compoze a puzzle of outstanding beauty. Follow the route from Kaprenisi to Prouso to let you eyes be dazzled!

6. Metsovo, Epirus

Top Winter Destinations in Greece

Metsovo view © Kostis Tatakis

Descending through the misty atmosphere, dazzling lights twinkle in the ravine blending with the stone houses and their gray slate roofs between the labyrinthine alleys; this is Metsovo standing proudly between the imposing mountains and the flowing rivers.

Charming Metsovo, one of the most beautiful regions of Epirus, challenges all of your senses through its picturesque character, its traditional atmosphere, its high quality cheeses and its intoxicating red wines. Nestling in one of the highest peaks of Pindus Mountains, Metsovo, the largest Vlach village of Greece, will captivate your eyes with its fresh mountain air and its natural beauty. A town of Epirus that has managed to maintain its traditional colors will give you the opportunity to experience an authentic image of the Greek countryside through its distinctive atmosphere.

It is definite that a journey in Metsovo will leave you with unforgettable memories; its traditional character, its ultimate tranquility and its alpine beauty will revitalize you. When time will come, you will leave behind the intoxicating aroma of Katogi wine and the spicy flavor of metsovone cheese blended with the fresh air of Pindus to discover Metsovo’s mysteries with your own eyes!


The Art Gallery of Evangelos Averoff with 200 artworks of the most important painters of Greece from the 19th and 20th century!

The artificial Lake of Aoos for its spectacular sceneries of extreme natural beauty!

The central square of Metsovo that is considered to be one of the most beautiful squares of Greece!

The church of Agia Paraskevi, the patron saint of Metsovo, which holds its prominence at the central square of Metsovo!

The Folklore Museum of Metsovo, which is housed within the mansion of the Tossizza family, with a remarkable collection of folklore materials and fighters weapons of the Greek Revolution!

The Katogi Averoff Winery for a tasteful wine taste experience!

The Tossizza Foundation, which houses the model cheese factory of Metsovo, for one of the greatest views of the village!

The three Ski Centers of Metsovo for practising your favorite winter sports activities!

The Valia Calda National Park, one of the most beautiful forests of Greece, with amazing landscapes of immense beauty!


The Pass of Katara is one of the most dangerous and highest mountain passes in the Pindus Mountains (1.746 m). The Greek National Road (Larissa- Trikala – Metsovo – Ioannina – Igoumenitsa) passes from the pass of Katara. However, traffic declined with the opening of Egnatia motorway that passes through tunnels. However, it is worth mentioning that Katara Pass offers fabulous views and pure mountain air.

7. Pelio, Magnesia

Top Winter Destinations in Greece

Perched on the mountain slopes, the villages of Pelio have been recognized as one of the most beautiful regions of Greece that have managed to maintain their traditional character and their rich history. Pelio boasts some of the most famous traditional villages in Greece; set against an idyllic backdrop of shimmering olive groves, dense forests and lush orchards, these lovely stone villages are the true gems of Magnesia.

Undoubtedly, Pelio has something mysterious; it might be the micro-climate of the wider region that has caused million explosions of nature by creating the myth of the mountain of the Centaurs. One of our favorite seasons in Pelio, however, is the winter with the purifying snowfalls and the rays of the sun, along with the misty and foggy atmosphere that emits an exclusive charm. The narrow labyrinthine roads, gliding from verdant oak ridges, crossing extensive chestrnut forests, the villages of Pelio will spellbound you.

In such a wonderful place, where the sea and the mountains are immersed in such a mysterious way, in all the shades of white and blue, the nature of Pelio transforms the prefecture of Magnesia every single season. From Portaria, Makrinitsa and Tsagarada to Kissos, Zagora, Drakia, and Agios Lavrentios, the villages of Pelio will make you fall in love with this region.


The Agriolefkes Ski Center, the pf the first ski centers of Greece, which offers panoramic views to the Aegean Sea!

The verdant village of Portaria, the gate of the mountain of the Centaurs and one of the most popular winter resorts of Pelio! In Portaria, make sure you enjoy your coffee at the central square of Melina Mercouri and visit the byzantine chapel of Panagia Portarea

The lovely village of Makrinitsa, the balcony of Pelio, with its cobblestone square and the fountains with the bronze lions that offers one of the most beautiful views to the gulf of Pagasitikos! Don’t miss a visit to the monastery of Agios Gerasimos, the highest spot of Makrinitsa, as well as the monastery of Theotokos, the museum of Folklore Art and the tower of Tsotiniotis!

The picturesque village of Tsagarada, one of the most romantic destinations of Pelio, with its stone mansions, its cobblestoned alleys, its plane trees and its flowing springs!

The traditional village of Vyzitsa that has managed to preserve the authentic traditiona architecture of Pelio with its stone mansions, its cobblestone alleys and the perennial plane tree, the trademark of Vyzitsa where you can enjoy Greek coffee and local raki at the surrounding taverns!

The beautiful village of Zagora for the historic Library of Zagora with the 3.000 volumes, maps and documents form the 17th and 18th centuries!


Visit the unknown village of Agios Georgios Nilias that distinguishes for its cobblestone alleys and its traditional mansions with one of the most picturesque squares of Pelio and the hidden village of Pouri that offers panoramic vistas to the Aegean Sea!

8. Zagorohoria, Epirus

Top Winter Destinations in Greece

Papingo village © Shutterstock

Where natural beauty exceeds imagination, in this inaccessible mountainous massif of Epirus, these forty-six stone fairytales will guide you to dreamy sceneries through their traditional stone bridges. Under the fireplaces smoke from the stone chimneys of Zagorohoria and the snowcapped peaks of the massive mountains, golden leaves obscure the fertile ground and the water swells in the rivers of Aoos and Voidomatis.

Beyond the mountains, as evidenced from their Slavic name, lovely Zagorohoria conceal millions of beauties; calm and cosmopolitan with charming views or hidden in the mountains with spectacular sceneries on the bare peaks or the forests by the rivers with the crystalline waters or the alpine lakes, Zagorohoria is a destination for your bucket list; a destination you deserve to explore even for once in this life.

It is no coincidence that Zagorohoria are considered to be some of the best-preserved villages of beautiful Greece. Perched on the mountain slopes of Epirus, these forty-six stone villages challenge you to explore their mysteries. If you were to describe Zagorohoria with one word, then this would definitely be authentic.

Authentic Zagorohoria; this is what you will adore about Zagorohoria, the feeling of seeking for destinations off the beaten track.



The gorge of Vikos as it is the deepest gorge in the world perched in Pindus Mountains of Northern Greece!

The lake of Drakolimni Tymfi that is located at an altitude of 2.050 meters above the sea level accessible from the village of Mikro Papigo. The hiking duration usually lasts five hours.

The village of Elati that is built in a wonderful location smothered from sceneries of greenery overlooking the wilderness of the mountains and forest of Tymfi. Fir, oak and pine trees combined with traditional stone buildings and running water create endless sceneries of natural beauty.

The river of Voidomatis as it is considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers of Epirus with a total length of 15 kilometers.

The village of Papigo as it is one of the most beautiful villages of Zagori, which consists from the Megalo (Grand) Papigo village and Mikro (Tiny) Papigo village. Both of the settlements have an authentic atmosphere with traditional stone houses and cobblestone alleys.

The bridge of Kalogeriko as it is considered is one of the most beautiful stone bridges of Zagorohoria located in the villages of Kipi and Koukouli of central Zagori.

The village of Kipi has an authentic atmosphere that has managed to maintain the traditional architecture of Zagori with its cobblestone alleys, its stone houses and its arched loggia. Majestic mountains, verdant forests, steep gorges, flowing streams and arched bridges compose a mosaic of inexhaustible beauty completed from stone staircases, fountains and watermills.


Vradeto Stairs, one of the most spectacular monuments of Zagorohoria, is an architectural masterpiece of the traditional architecture of Epirus located on the highest spot of the villages of Zagori. Nestling at an altitude of 1.370 meters, the stairs of Vradeto were once the sole way to get from Vradeto village to Kapesovo village. It is highly advisable to follow this magnificent route in order to admire panoramic views of the untamed beauty of Zagorohoria!


Discover the top winter destinations in Greece !

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