“…I promised the rainbow a better earth, a season full of soil fresh with immaculate chamomile at the bare feet…With pure white birds I filled the wind that will go to the morning inauguration of the sea! And here we are both ready, holding hands…When we blow the veil opens…to beautiful years yet to come…From that point, toil will begin and happiness will enter the crystals we awaited…”

The Whole World, Odysseus Elytis

In autumn, the captivating colours and the blossoming flowers of the Greek landscapes will definitely capture your attention! The countryside of Greece awaits you to reveal her mysteries to lovers of nature. With supremely impressive sceneries in all the colours of the palette, Greece is an ideal destination for autumn. Travel to Greece in autumn, and you will definitely be impressed. The sense of romanticism is emitted through the fresh air composing a peculiar atmosphere with golden, orange and yellow colours. Harvest activities set their tone in this season, celebrating the treasures of the Greek land; a true feeling of rural living in Greece! Pay a visit to the Greek wineries to experience the traditional methods of winemaking and find out who is harvesting raki out of the skins. Join the picking olive procedures in November. Explore the verdant sceneries of Prespes Lakes in Florina and discover the beautiful sceneries of Pelio in Magnesia. Visit the majestic Zagorohoria in Ioannina and admire the superb sceneries of Papigo. Hop into a boat in the Lake of Kastoria and discover the mountainous sceneries of Plastiras Lake. Discover the rich nature of Greece! A handful of sweet thoughts will warm your heart. Give yourself the opportunity to admire one of the miracles of nature!