Ignored by many and discovered by few, Greece has many mysterious destinations off the beaten track. Isolated and remote, even neglected, mostly overshadowed from world famous neighbors, the outsiders’ destinations are reserved only for the ones who are eager to explore them. Are you looking for moments of a rather private glory in peaceful unspoiled sceneries, far away from the glowing lights? Greece has it for you! Discover the mystery of the outsiders’ by diving in the crystalline waters of the Blue Cave on Kastelorizo Island and one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean in Gavdos Island. Explore the wild beauty of Kythera and Samothrace Islands and discover one of the two deserts of Europe on Lemnos Island. Admire one of the most reddish sunsets from the rock of Kalamos on Anafi Island and participate in the traditional festivals of Kasos and Karpathos Islands. Characterized as the jewel of the Caldera, Thirassia stands out for its 1950s atmosphere while Chrissi and Koufonisi Islands in Crete distinguish for their tropical sceneries. Escape to the villages of the border of Asia and Europe in Thrace and explore the golden sceneries of Haindou Forest in Macedonia. Whether on mainland or the islands, grab a map and discover the most inaccessible regions of Greece. Once in a lifetime is not enough to explore the beauty of Greece! Don’t travel off the beaten track; travel off to paradise!