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39th River Party of Nestorio

If you have never been to Nestorio, this is your chance! You can’t imagine how stunning is the scenery where the most popular music festival in Greece happens every year! The pure vegetation and the wild beauty of the rocks make a breathtaking landscape. Can you imagine a summer experience by the river in the rhythms of music? Five days with musical concerts in four stages, games in the river, exploring and walking in the forest of Grammos, in a unique landscape by the river, makes Nestorio River Party the ultimate summer destination.


The ultimate destination for young people, and not only, a festival with music concerts is a must for those who love camping tourism! Visitors of the festival spend their time listening to the music and dancing whenever the mood strikes them.


Situated on the foot of untamed Grammos Mount, in a beautiful landscape of Aliakmonas River, it is definite that the River Party of Nestorio is a well-hidden paradise that has been a meeting place for more than fifty thousands people every year.


Nestorio River Party gives the opportunity to the visitors to be entertained and participated in revelry for five days! Thousands of young people from Greece and abroad visit this unique festival to enjoy the beautiful scenery and good music. Many distinguished musicians as well as popular DJs will participate in the festival.


The oldest music and camping festival in Greece will celebrate 39 years of action, and prepares a one-of-a-kind programme for the everyone who want to experience Greece from another point view! Unquestionably, the River Party of Nestorio is one of the most historical music festivals in Greece while it has been awarded with the prize of the 2012 Europe Festival Awards.


Set in the wonderful natural setting of Nestorio, the festival has a long history of 39 years welcoming more than 50,000 visitors every year. The 39th Nestorio River Party will take place from 2 to 6 of August, 2017. Artists, bands and the programme will be announced soon!