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From boutique hotels and elegant suites to sophisticated villas and state-of-the-art houses, Mysterious Greece unveiled all the mysteries for staying in Kastoria!
Orologopoulos Luxury Mansion

Address: Piheon Street, Kastoria Telephone: 0030.24670.21604 Website:


Situated in the lovely old quarter of Doltso, the old mansion of Orologopoulos family, built in the 19th century, has come back to life! One of the oldest buildings of the district is transformed into a traditional hotel. Its restoration demanded special materials, construction methods and morphological features, in order to respect the listed building and its course in time. The aim was to emphasize its historical value, while meeting at the same time all the needs of a modern hotel. Keeping its original form, Orologopoulos mansion is able to accommodate up to 22 people in 9 spacious rooms, which are all dressed in wood and stone. Some of the mansion’s typical characteristics are its ornate ceilings, multiple windows and traditional architecture. The guest quarters (“arhontariki”) on the second floor and the outdoor café are amongst the mansion’s highlights. At the outdoor café, you can enjoy a coffee or a tsipouro with backdrop one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of Greece.


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Archontiko Alexiou Vergoula

Address: Kastoria Telephone: 0030.24670.23415 Website:


Rising over the elegant old neighborhood of Doltso, the three-storey mansion is an exemplary sample of the traditional architecture of Kastoria. The mansion was constructed in 1857 from Alexios Vergoulas, a master craftsman who worked with 132 artisans, and became famous throughout the Balkan territory, for his amazing. Set in the historic neighborhood of Doltso, Mansion of Alexios Vegoulas still impresses with its architecture. Tasos Sfinarolakis, who has now the ownership of the mansion, kept the name of the original owner by sharing the special love for the history of the manor and restoring it into a welcoming traditional guesthouse. Well equipped with 12 wonderful rooms, almost different from each other, visitors will have the opportunity to make a journey through time during their stay in the mansion of Alexios Vergoulas!

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Esperos Palace

Address: Chloe region, Kastoria Telephone: 0030.24670.24670 Website:


Esperos Palace Luxury & Spa Hotel is designed to combine simplicity with elegance and comfort of a luxurious hotel. The hotel is located on the northwest side of Kastoria in Chloe area, which is a few minutes ride to city’s center. The hotel consists of 40 double and triple rooms, 6 junior suites, 7 deluxe suites and Esperos Grand Suite, which brings us to a total of 54 rooms. All rooms contain luxurious items while natural products of personal care will leave each visitor the best impression. Additionally all suites offer essential oils for free, aiming towards the greatest relaxation that each guest can acquire. Esperos Palace Luxury & Spa Hotel offers hospitality beyond expectation to any guest whether the purpose of the visit in our city is pleasure or business.

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Doltso Hotel

Address: Doltso, Kastoria Telephone: 0030.24670.22022 Website:


Located in the historic heart of the city of Kastoria, Doltso hotel will trave you back in time. It is a renovated mansion characterized by elegance and modern luxury, that has managed to combine the glamour of the past with all modern comforts of our time, making it an ideal place to discover every corner of the picturesque town of Kastoria.The 10 rooms of the Hotel Doltso offer a traditional décor with high standards and guarantee excellent conditions of residents. The interior is designed in detail and from the first moment you will feel the warm atmosphere created by the combination of stone and wood. Each room has its own decor and while the stylish furniture, wooden floors and ceilings, earth color tones complete the image of our Kastorian Mansion. Start your day with a rich breakfast buffet in the dinner of the hotel and feel the warmth of the fireplace.

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Limneon Resort & Spa

Address: Kastoria Telephone: 0030.24670.85111 Website:


Situated in an idyllic location, Limneon Hotel and Resort is a luxury hotel with a panoramic view of the city of Kastoria. Luxurious, atmospheric and at the same time friendly, it blends wonderfully with the magnificent landscape of the imposing mountains that embrace the lake. The stone-built complex consists of two buildings, Limneon Golden and Limneon Crystal. Standard and deluxe rooms to junior and superior suites, Limneon hotel offers visitors a memorable stay in a wonderful establishment distinguished for its elegant design and exceptional decoration. Surrender to luxury indulges yourself in unique moments of comfort in rooms of high aesthetic quality.

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