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From boutique hotels and elegant suites to sophisticated villas and state-of-the-art houses, Mysterious Greece unveiled all the mysteries for staying in Plastira Lake!
Kazarma Lake Resort & Spa

Address: Kalyvia Fylaktis Telephone: 0030.24410.92290 Website:


Situated in the dreamy location of Plastira Lake, Kazarma Lake Resort & Spa is one of the most beautiful hotels in the region. Made with stone and wood, and absolute respect for the environment, this lovely hotel was built to ensure that your stay would be an unforgettable experience of hospitality. Kazarma Lake Resort & Spa offers comfortable and luxurious rooms, which feature extremely elegant decoration, creating this way a welcoming atmosphere. 50 rooms, of which 2 junior suites, 3 executive suites and 1 presidential, with all the amenities for a perfect stay with superb views to the lake Plastira and the mountain peaks of Agrafa are available for the avid travellers who want to explore this wonderful region of Thessaly. The restaurant with its refined traditional flavors, the cafe, the bar overlooking the lake, the relaxation in one of our swimming pools as well as our Spa, combined with our 24-hour service, ensure that your stay will be complete in the best possible way. Kazarma will show you what “it feels like home” really means. Are you ready to experience one of the most exquisite hospitality experiences in Greece?

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Montanema Handmade Village

Address: Mouzaki village Telephone: 0030.24450.45220 Website:


A natural landscape surrendered to oblivion and to complete silence for years, full of pictures taken from fairy tales, awaits to be discovered step by step. The team of Montanema Handmade Village has done their best to keep it as dreamlike as it was when it revealed itself to them. They paved the way through the pristine forest, they found the raw materials and the techniques to build a truly ecological village, they sought out the finest local products and recipes that will travel you back in time, they planned new ways and experiences in the heart of nature, they made up a team who have put their heart and soul into every detail. The stone houses of Montanema Handmade Village reserve the experience of a unique stay. The 3.5-kilometre drive through the pristine forest among the fir trees with only the sounds of nature breaking the silence. The thirty-three apartments and suites of various types located in stone-built houses with tiled roofs and wooden details spread out like a small village. All of them are connected with each other and can be reached not only by road but also through beautiful cobbled paths dotted with handmade wooden details. The entrance with the solid wooden steps, the warmth of stone and wood as well as the personal collection of old items and works of art all give a distinct decorative style. The handmade details which are present in every corner, the energy fireplaces that burn constantly, the carved baths with cement screed, the comfortable bright spaces, not to mention the verandas that almost caress the fir trees make up a personal sanctuary of relaxation created by the very ingredients of nature. The simplicity of a country house where you get the chance to make your own coffee in the kitchenette meets the comforts of a mountainous resort through carefully planned services provided generously and wholeheartedly. Yet the real luxury is out there!

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Address: Rafina village Telephone: 0030.24410.94693 Website:


Have you ever dreamed of a place where tranquility will enchant you, nature will fascinate you through its adventurous spirit? Through a unique road among trees, you will discover wonderful landscapes that seem like it has sprung out of a fairytale. Situated in a pristine location in the region of Plastira Lake, Wildlife is a great accommodation choice made from eight autonomous wooden houses in the green and dense fir forest of Rafina village. Perfectly equipped with all modern amenities, all the chalets, which can accommodate from two to four people, have everything you need to spend a dream holiday. Within the lodges, you will find a fireplace with plenty of wood and central heating, as well as a TV, a bathroom and a petit-dejeuner corner to prepare your cofee and your tea. Breakfast is served in your wondeful balcony, which is 100% homemade with care and love, and includes fresh eggs, hot donuts with rich honey and cinnamon pancakes with chocolate, delicious pies, pies by Mrs. Helen, the mother of Christina. In the outer area of Wildlife, travellers will have the opportunity to enjoy the mountain range of Agrafa and the canyon of Karamanoli with oustanding views of the stunning sceneries.

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