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Plastira Lake
The Miracle of Agrafa Mountains

A monument created from mankind has been depicted as one of the most admired monuments of nature that has managed to magnetize travelers all over Europe. The artificial Plastira Lake was once the dream of a visionary leader, and today is one of the most beautiful destinations of the Greek mainland with landscapes of unrivaled natural beauty. Situated in an idyllic location of Karditsa prefecture, surrounded from the green slopes of Agrafa Mountains, Plastira Lake is the true jewel of Thessaly.  Rarely human intervention  creates a natural environment of such immense natural beauty. Characterized as one of the most beautiful destinations of mainland Greece, Plastira Lake offers magical sceneries of utmost serenity, a pandemonium of colours, landscapes and sensations, all the seasons of the year. Refreshing water sources, oxygen blast, sceneries of utmost serenity and hospitable people will show you the unimaginable landscapes of this lake, a paradise for nature lovers as it provides the opportunity for all kinds of alternative activities of mountain sports. Beautiful and harmonic, with dense vegetation and rugged mountains, Plastira Lake is a place that constantly changes depending on the time of the year, and it is always fascinating! Dense verdant trees, treacherous alpine ridges, crystalline waters of lakeside settlements complement the distinctive charm of Agrafa Mountains. Nothing will ever predispose travellers for such an erotic destination in this corner of Greece. Vegetation reminiscent of the nature in Scandinavia and lake sceneries that seem to sprung out of a landscape in Switzerland will travel you to other levels of beauty, where the master is none other than Mother Nature. Flowing springs and streams, traditional villages hanging from mountain ridges and labyrinthine asphalt roads with hundred of flocks grazing in the green banks will show you the authentic face of the Greek countryside. And if you visit Plastira Lake in winter, you will feel like everything have sprung out from a fairytale on northern Europe. This lake will charm you whichever season you choose to explore it. Whether you visit Plastira Lake in the snowy mountains of winter, the verdant nature of spring, the golden leaves of autumn or the wonderful climate of summer, it is definite that this destination will blow your mind.Undeniably, the landscape of Plastira Lake is truly breathtaking!