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Classy Restaurants & Mediterranean Taverns

Location: Monemvasia Telephone: 0030.2732.061371

Situated on the central alley of Monemvasia, Marianthi is one of the most authentic taverns of the town that has been operating for over forty years.
Marianthi tavern stands out for its homemade local recipes and its authentic Greek cuisine dishes.
In the warm atmosphere of Marianthi, you will have the opportunity to taste exquisite dishes including tsoumplekas, a dish made of moussaka with beef and cheese instead of meat and béchamel, zucchini and leek meatballs, and fried eggplant. If you happen to visit Marianthi during the summer, make sure to taste the delicious watermelon pie!

Location: Monemvasia Telephone: 0030.27320.61660

Matoula distinguishes for its homemade traditional recipes and its idyllic courtyard with the pomegranate trees.
Located in the castle of Monemvasia, Matoula is famous for its gastronomic tradition of 60 years. Some of the finest dishes include pork cooked in wine with orange juice, stewed meatballs, eggplant salad, stuffed cabbage leaves in egg-lemon sauce, cheese pie, and lamb with olive and oregano.
Before you leave, make sure to taste the pecan pie with vanilla ice cream!
Cavo Kortia

Location: Kyparissi Telephone: 0030.27320.68375

In an idyllic environment in the seaside promenade of Kyparissi bay, Cavo  Kortia tavern promises a gastronomic experience to satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Cavo Kortia is an excellent choice for fresh fish, shrimp spaghetti and fish soup after a dive in the crystalline waters of Agia Kyriaki.

Location: Agios Ioannis Telephone: 0030.27320.68375

In the lovely settlement of Agios Ioannis, Thanasis Skagos and his wife, Sofia, have created a wonderful tavern serving delicious homemade recipes of the Greek cuisine.
Taste the gogkles, a dish of handmade pasta with butter and cheese, saitia, a kind of pie filled with herbs and mizithra cheese, local meat, and pork wrapped in pancetta pork with salt and pepper.
Weather permitting, choose a table in the lovely garden of Athas!
To Remetzo

Location: Gerakas Telephone: 0030.27320.23933

Ideally situated on the waterfront promenade of Limani Gerakas village, the tavern of Remetzo distinguishes for its fresh fishes and its wonderful location by the sea.
Tasos and Vibeke, the lovely hosts of Remetzo, prepare delicious dishes with the finest and freshest ingredients! Ask Tasos for the catch of the day, as you will taste the freshest fish in Remetzo.
Undoubtedly, you have to visit the tavern of Remetzo when you visit Monemvasia!

Location: Agia Paraskevi Telephone: 0030.27320.61034

If you are craving for traditional food of the Greek cuisine, Pipinelis in Agia Paraskevi is your best choice. In a village two kilometers away from Monemvasia, you will find this lovely tavern with its charming courtyard.
For more than forty years, Pipinelis tavern is part of the tradition of Monemvasia. Don’t miss it!