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The Castle of Flowers

Crowned from the craggy slopes of Parnonas Mountain, Monemvasia, the medieval lady of Laconia, invites travellers to unveil the mysteries of her myths and legends. Homeland of the powerful city of Sparta, the byzantine town of Mystras with its glorious frescoes, the wonderful atmosphere of Gythio, the legendary lighthouse of Cape Malias, he petrified forest of Agia Marina, the exotic beaches of Elafonisos and the stalagmites of Kastania cave, the peninsula of Monemvasia will blow your mind. Thousands of years ago, a vermilion rock sprang from the stormy sea. Resembling the “stone ship” of Yannis Ritsos, adventurous Gibraltar of the East, lovely Menexe Kalesi and imperious Fortress over the Clouds gained only one name; romantic Monemvasia, the sole gate. Praised from artists and captains, Monemvasia is a genuine spectacle of the Peloponnese peninsula. Byzantine monuments, idyllic villages and dreamy seashores will travel you through its million of beauties. Plunging into the deep blue of Myrtoan Sea, with sceneries of extreme wild beauty and medieval glory, Monemvasia has managed to coexist with unique landscapes between the sky and the sea. The red rock of Monemvasia steals the show with her Byzantine allure. Behind the medieval walls of Monemvasia, old memories of love and ancient legends of history come alive in a city of poetry. Silence and magic, romance and fairytales, passion and love, imperious and mysterious Monemvasia will leave you speechless with the distinctive sentiments that will initiate to your soul. The church Hagia Sophia with the panoramic vistas to the Myrtoan Sea, an exact replica of Hagia Sophia of Constantinople, the gate of Portelo with the harsh waves of the endless blue of the sea, the view from the dominating fortified Castle of the medieval city, the Byzantine fortified town of Mystras, one of the most dramatic archaeological sites of Peloponnese, the stalactites and stalagmites of Kastania Cave, and the treacherous hills of legendary Cape Maleas will make you fall in love with this peninsula of Laconia. Fascinating mansions, ornamented Byzantine churches, narrow cobblestone alleys, medieval arches with coats of arms give their own unique prestige to the fairytale of Monemvasia. The turbulent history of Monemvasia will travel you back in time through its prestigious fairytales and its medieval glory. Are you ready for a journey back to the medieval times?