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A Journey around the Triangle of the Lakes

A serene landscape with spectacular mountain ranges and lovely villages unfolds in Mountainous Corinthia surrounded from the picture-perfect lakes of Dasiou, Stymfalia and Doxa. An explosive force of nature manifests itself through myriad of colours, smells and sounds that will remain indelible in your memory. Just like impregnable castles and fortified towers, the mountains of Corinthia rise in the fairytale atmosphere of hers embellished with verdant forests, serene villages, ancient ruins, old monasteries and emerald lakes that highlight the authentic charm of the Peloponnesian land. Everything seems like having sprung out of a painting of the Renaissance era! The region of mythical Stymfalia Lake, the multicolored Feneos valley and the alpine verdant Dasiou pond compose a natural canvas challenging travellers to discover the unexplored and unimaginable beauty of mountainous Corinthia. Whether you decide to stay for two, four or ten days, it is definite that mountainous Corinthia will let you absorb the magic of its unique sceneries. Oligyrtos, Mavrovouni, Farmakas and Ziria Mountainous surround the entire valley and the lake of Stymfalia creating an authentic mountain landscape.On the banks of the mythical legends of Stymfalia Lake, in an ancient place famous for thousands of years, where Hercules made his sixth labor relieving people from terrible Stymfalia hens that ravaged the area, travellers will have the opportunity to explore the genuine spirit of Greek mainland at its finest. Characterized as a protected area of the European Network of NATURA 2000, Stymfalia Lake is one of the most important ecosystems of Peloponnese with its interesting Environment Museum in the village of Kionia. Off road aficionados can follow the muddy dirt road that leads to the ancient city of Stymfalia hidden behind dense reed beds. If you want to explore, however, the entire lake, you should follow the most scenic route that follows the tour of Stymfalia from the village of Lafka; the forest service has installed kiosks in the positions with incredible views while bird watching lovers will have the opportunity to admire rare bird species. Although Stymfalia has managed to whisper its’ legends to the most discerning travellers, a nearby village, Kastania, defies them to discover an authentic mountain village hidden behind a dense fir forest that nestles on a prominent natural position at an altitude of 900 meters; Kastania will surely steal your heart with one of the most impressive views of Morias. Heading towards the saddle of Kastania, with spectacular views to the valley of Feneos and its quaint villages, travellers will be amazed from this tiny valley that is surrounded from the high mountains. Famous for its sinkholes that swallow the river waters, Feneos Valley was conquered from gods, heroes and travellers since the very ancient times. Indeed, demigod Heracles tried to drain its marshes with various projects while the ancient believed that Feneos valley was one of the gates of Hades. However, today it is believed that Feneos waters feed Stymfalia Lake and Ladonas River. The interesting landscape is complemented with the artificial Doxa Lake with its turquoise waters and its verdant shores; it is a magical natural monument that will instantly take your breath away. Continuing the natural explorations in mountainous Corinthia, travellers deserve to discover the tiny Dasiou Lake, the most unknown lake of Morias, where you will have to climb in the highlands of Ziria Mountain. Lovers of off-road driving will have the opportunity to follow a route of unique natural beauty unfolding from Goura village within the premises of Ziria Sports Center. Once informed from the chalet on the condition of the forest roads of mountainous Corinthia, travelers can follow, even with a conventional vehicle, the dirt road that leads to the banks of the seasonal Dasiou Lake nestled at an altitude of 1500 meters, the most mountainous lake of Peloponnese. In spring, the depth is more than two meters while in autumn it is limited to 50 centimeters; after December, the surface of Dasiou freezes and the pond disappears! Around this majestic natural mirror unfolds an extensive fir and black pine forest with marvelous views to the peaks of Ziria Mountain. It is quite important, though, to mention that the forests of mountainous Corinth were famous for its rich wildlife as a valuable ecosystem. Ancient writers mention that mountainous Corinthia was inhabited from bears, wild boars, wolves and deer. Today, numerous animals live and reproduce 43 species of mammals including foxes, endangered jackals, badgers and martens while Stymfalia Lake is an important area for migratory bird species including herons, coots, grebes and ducks. On the steep slopes of the peaks of Ziria, several endangered bird species find shelter like the golden eagle, the snake eagles and several species of hawks. Nature lovers or not, it is definite that a jounrey around the three lakes of mountainous Corinthia will offer you unforgettable moments in the Greek countryside.