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Mountainous Corinthia
The Magician of Nature

A serene landscape with spectacular mountain ranges and lovely villages unfolds in Mountainous Corinthia surrounded from the picture-perfect lakes of Dasiou, Stymfalia and Doxa. An explosive force of nature manifests itself through myriad of colors, smells and sounds that will remain indelible in your memory. Just like impregnable castles and fortified towers, the mountains of Corinthia rise in the fairytale atmosphere of hers embellished with verdant forests, serene villages, ancient ruins, old monasteries and emerald lakes that highlight the authentic charm of the Peloponnesian land. Everything seems like having sprung out of a painting of the Renaissance era! The region of mythical Stymfalia Lake, the multicolored Feneos valley and the alpine verdant Dasiou pond compose a natural canvas challenging travellers to discover the unexplored and unimaginable beauty of mountainous Corinthia. Whether you decide to stay for two, four or ten days, it is definite that mountainous Corinthia will let you absorb the magic of its unique sceneries. The spectacular landscapes create an authentic mountain destination that deserves your attention; forests with juniper, fir and black pine trees, flowing rivers and cosmic plateaus shadowed from impressive Ziria Mountains will surely take your breath away. The eight towering peaks of this mountain serve as a natural partition between the famed triangle villages of Trikala Corinthia and the valley of Feneos. A unique ecosystem twirls around untrodden forest roads, unexplored hiking trails followed from millions of colours and smells of autumn that await for the snow to cover Ziria’s ridges and highlands. Two storey houses with red tiles shine bright in spring, cobblestone squares with wooden benches compete for their whiteness under the snow the winter, fragrant aromas of the Greek coffee from the cozy shops, and narrow alleys that climb up to the highest spots of the neighborhoods antagonize for the first prize of the most picturesque image of the villages. Fir forests rest high up on the white clouds giving the impression that hang out from the sky while the green horizon stretches on the misty landscape within a mysterious atmosphere that creates an even more evocative experience for driving. Under the smoky smells of the fireplaces, it is definite that you will understand that this kind of eerie melancholy and rare beauty is hard to find. Grab the opportunity to live in such beautiful sceneries even for a getaway in mountainous Corinthia! Are you ready to explore the unexplored stories of this corner of mainland Greece?