Symposium Experiences
Classy Restaurants & Mediterranean Taverns
Stou Dekleri

Location: Mesea Trikala Telephone: 0030.27430.91358

Stou Dekleri is one of the most traditional taverns of mountainous Corinthia. Famous for its delicious local meats, of their production, this tavern is a classic steakhouse. The family restaurant has been operating since 1938; Dimitris and Maria are the genuine spirit of Stou Dekleri creating delicious dishes for the avid travellers. Try rooster in wine sauce, pork in lemon sauce, lamb chops and the homemade pies!

To Koutouki Tou Staikou

Location: Ancient Feneos Telephone: 0030.27470.41166

Situated on an idyllic spot above Lake Doxa, To Koutouki Tou Staikou is a must when you visit mountainous Corinthia. If you want to enjoy a series of exquisite meat dishes, you should definitely head to this tavern, one of the most cult experiences of the region. Dimitris Staikos, form bodyguard of foreign celebrities, opened up this cozy place to offer the best food in Feneos. From deer, roe and chicken, all of the meats come juicy and tasty. Don’t miss this place!

To Agnanti

Location: Mesea Trikala Telephone:0030.27430.91100

The tavern of Agnanti is one of the most famous rotisseries on the villages of Trikala. In the cozy room, travellers will have the opportunity to taste authentic dishes of the local cuisine with panoramic views over Trikala. Undoubtedly, To Agnanti is one of the most popular dining choices that will satisfy the pallet of the most discerning eating-lovers. Choose a cold afternoon to visit Agnanti, as the views will reward you!
Opos Palia

Location: Mesea Trikala Telephone: 0030.27430.91370

This charming tavern is a classic hangout for everyone just a breath from the main square of the village. Next to the fireplace, travellers will have to taste the exquisite rooster burgers with herbs and authentic soutzoukaki of Smyrna, rooster fillets and pork scallops! You defintely should not miss this tiny tavern if you are visiting mountainous Corinthia.

Location: Goura Telephone: 0030.27470.51113

In the center of Goura village, you will find the traditional tavern of Relias. Housed in a traditional stone building with panoramic views over the village square and stone church, this friendly environment invites you to taste homemade rustic recipes of Goura. Depending on the hunt of the day, the tavern offers a wide range of meat dishes including wild boar, deer, hare, lamb chops, sausage and kebabs; a favorite destination for meat lovers!
To Arxontiko Tis Zaholis

Location: Evrostini Telephone: 0030.27430.31661

A spacious bright room and a large garden: one of the best places to eat local meat in Corinthia – charcoal-grilled, boiled, lamb on the spit, braised, in the roaster. It specializes in cooking ewe (grilled and boiled). Try the delicious “giulbassi” lamb and the veal. From October –May you will find wild boar. Excellent chestnut pie to finish your meal! (Source:
Gefsi Kai Oinos

Location: Kefalari Telephone: 0030.27470.22185

Excellent local cuisine, with meats of their own production – Mr. Vassilis is a stockbreeder and cheese maker. Mrs. Sophia cooks an exquisite local soup with pork and onions, wonderful pepper pie, bean soup with wild greens, rooster in wine sauce, braised veal and tripe on request. Very nice fruit preserves. Well-kept parlor and family environment. (Source:
I Strouga

Location: Karya Telephone:0030.27430.91194

In the comfortable space of Strouga, you will enjoy excellent service and good food and you will taste flavors and traditional recipes from the region of Corinthia! All the dishes are homemade, cooked with skill and great care, following faithfully the Greek traditional recipes and based on natural ingredients. The materials used are always fresh and the meats used are local.