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Classy Restaurants & Mediterranean Taverns

Bright and airy in the daylight, charming and mysterious under the glare of the night, multicultural, romantic and lively Mykonos holds the reigns of the cosmopolitan island of Greece. Under the summer breeze of the Aegean, the island of Mykonos captures all the five senses of the travellers. Its stunning beauty is accompanied from exceptional flavors that will impress your palate. Delicious agricultural products, Mediterranean cuisine, high-end restaurants, taverns with traditional recipes create a top-of-the-world gastronomic destination. Be prepared for an unforgettable dining experience on the island of the winds!

Fokos Taverna

Location: Fokos Telephone: 0030.22890.23291 Website:


Located on the beach of Fokos, the homonymous tavern enjoys outstanding views to the Aegean Sea. Off the beaten track, Fokos Taverna is an authentic tavern that distinguishes for its delicious fresh food, its reasonable prices and its genuine hospitality. The drive down the goat track to the secluded beach is amazing and the tavern is simply divine. If you are wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of Mykonos town, Fokos Taverna is your best choice!

Ftelia Restaurant

Location: Ftelia Telephone: 0030.22890.72466 Website:


Unquestionably, Ftelia Restaurant is one of the best restaurants of Mykonos, if not the Cyclades. At the northernmost beach of the island, inside the rocks, next to the sea, the team of Ftelia will offer you the absolute relaxation experience. Ftelia Restaurant is famous for its excellent service, its reasonable prices and its great environment. Enjoy the genuine Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of Italian deliciousness! Ftelia Restaurant is a highly recommended if you want to meet the genuine face of this island.

Kiki’s Taverna

Agios Sostis Beach

Set on one of most beautiful beaches of Mykonos, this cozy tavern off the beaten track awaits you; a tiny, cozy, delightful and unspoiled tavern with no sign and electricity. Kiki’s tavern is perched above Agios Sostis beach behind the trees that surround it. Fish and meat are grilled on a charcoal barbeque, which are served in the tavern’s shady courtyard along with fresh-from-the-garden salads. Undeniably, Kiki’s tavern is a must!
Panormos Beach

Location: Panormos Telephone: 0030.22890.77184 Facebook: Panormos Beach

Distinguished for its minimal and natural infused decoration, Panormos Beach is one of the “hip and chic” beach restaurants of Mykonos nestling on the homonymous bay. Its combination of the traditional Cycladic architecture with earthly pastel shades creates a casual atmosphere inviting you to relax under the shade of the desert-camouflage net while gazing to the endless blue of the Aegean! Friendly staff and service, amazing dishes and delicious cocktails will convince you that Panormos Beach is one of the best beach restaurants of the island indeed. Panormos Beach is a must choice if you are looking for a fashionable, yet tranquil, beach bar restaurant.
Oti Apomine

Location: Ano Mera Telephone: 0030.22890.71534 Website:


Oti Apomine is yet another traditional tavern of Mykonos that distinguishes for its genuine cuisine made from fresh and pure ingredients. Located in the village of Ano Mera, Oti Apomine surprises its visitors with its wonderful dishes since 1983. It is the best grill house with exquisite meat dishes. On top of all, the authentic hospitality of the owners will make you feel like home.

Interni Restaurant

Location: Mykonos Town Telephone: 0030.22890.26333 Website:


Interni Restaurant is set in an impressive whitewashed decoration with an open outdoor garden-style dining area. “Nouvelle cuisine” where east meets west style offering to the clients cuisine, coupled with flavors from around the world and comes with a wide range of wines with selections from all five continents, while the menu is updated every year with fresh ideas and a vital element of high quality ingredients, dishes based on the Mediterranean Cuisine. This is a perfect place in the heart of the nightlife, where you can start your special night out having dinner or just a cocktail. DJ plays some tunes as you indulge sitting under the stars drawing a younger and more stylish crowd.


Location: Tourlos & Kalafatis Telephone: 0030.22890.71800 Website:


Famous for its Tuscan cuisine, Bandanna is one of the finest Italian restaurants of the island. Gianluca’s passion for cooking authentic Italian food combine with Tuscan olive oil will impress you! Whichever of the two restaurants you choose, it is certain that you will have a memorable experience. Buon appetito!