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Bright and airy in the daylight, charming and mysterious under the glare of the night, multicultural, romantic and lively Mykonos holds the reigns of the cosmopolitan island of Greece. Under the summer breeze of the Aegean, the island of Mykonos unfolds in front of your eyes. Less than a mile away from the cradle of the European Civilization lie the most multicultural island of Greece, if not Europe. Mykonos is the star of the summer in Greece and one of the most famous destinations of the Mediterranean. The authentic beauty of the island is revealed through its natural sceneries and the beautiful beaches of the coastline. The Cycladic architecture creates a distinctive character with a sophisticated personality. From the beautiful alley of Matoyanni and the romantic sunset in Little Venice, the ethnic evening parties in the beach of  Super Paradise, the isolated beaches of Fokos and Ftelia, and the musical concerts with a full moon in the magical archaeological site of Delos, Mykonos literally has everything! The island of winds is a testament that fashion is timeless. However, the island of Mykonos is an island hides countless mysteries giving you the opportunity to meet the other unseen face of it, just for the ones looking for a more peaceful state of mind. The sophisticated island of Mykonos challenges you to fall in love with it, as it has created a mystery maintaining a state of love with it. Are you ready to unveil the well-hidden and undiscovered mysteries of the diva of the Aegean?