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Background of Andreas & Myrto

Andreas is a Computer Engineer, currently living in Athens. However, the clue is that he comes from Argos, Argolida. Myrto is an Architect Engineer and she also spends her everyday life in the city of Athens. She has an emotional bonding with Nafplio, as she used to go there as child often. At the same time, Andreas would play with his friends at the central square of Nafplio, the Syntagma square. Consequently, their acquaintance was inevitable! As you can understand, we are still together, writing from Nafplio and revealing its Mystery!

Nafplio Through The Eyes of Andreas & Myrto

Historical, romantic, beautiful, neoclassical, noble, and the list never ends; could you describe Nafplio in five words?

Andreas: Hospitable, classical and alternative at the same time, labyrinthine, calming. Myrto: Elegant, bright, playful, imperial and in our hearts.

From the picturesque square of Syntagma, the 999 steps of the fortified castle of Palamidi and the seaside promenade of Arvanitia to the Venetian fortress of Bourtzi, the rocky scenery of Acronafplia and the picturesque neighborhood of Psaromahalas, Nafplio hides millions of mysteries. If you had to choose your favorite location in Nafplio, what would that be?

Andreas: The best spot in Nafplio is “the Clock” between the old and the new Xenia hotel. The view of the old town and the whole Argolis plain is amazing. Myrto: My favorite location in Nafplio is definitely the lighthouse at the port entrance, where I usually spend my time observing the sea.

Undeniably, Nafplio is one of the most romantic cities of Greece! Could you please give two to three reasons that the travellers of Mysterious Greece should travel to the city of Nafplio?

Andreas: As an experienced traveller, I believe that the first reason someone should visit Nafplio is the opportunity of sightseeing in the town which was the first capital of Greece. On top of that, the local cuisine and the relaxing feeling make a great combination. Myrto: For me the best reason is the excellent food around the corner. The sun and sea always surrounding you, makes Nafplio a city to fall in love with. Finally, the intense nightlife comes as a surprise completing your day.

Nafplio is one of the most beautiful destinations in the country. However, it has an unexplored side unknown to the majority of people. If you were going to give advice the travellers of Mysterious Greece, where would you recommend them to go to acquire a complete image of the beauty of Nafplio?

Andreas: Located on the Eastern side of Nafplio is “Evagelistia” church. Aside from its religious point of view, this monument is worth visited as it has a great overall view of the whole Nafplio city, the port and the bay of Argolida. There, the visitor can relax on the benches, enjoy the scenery and, if he gets lucky, witness a Greek ceremony in the church. Myrto: That depends on the kind of mental image the traveller wants to obtain. If they want to have a complete view of the city I would recommend “the clock” as Andreas mentioned before. However, if they want to have a complete feeling of the town palm, I would suggest visiting the terrace of the “Bouleutikon” building, next to Syntagma square. From there, they can observe the people wondering and the grandeur of the square, and also have the opportunity to visit the historical building, which takes its name from the first Greek Parliament operating there at 1825.

Not even thirty minutes away from the romantic town of Nafplio, you will find Mycenae, the cradle of Mycenaean civilization. Have you ever visited Mycenae? If yes, could you please describe to us your experience?

Andreas: My home place village “Monastiraki”, is located nearby ancient Mycenae. As you can understand I grew up playing hide and seek at the planes around the archeological area. Therefore, I admired the spirit of this place long before I was able to understand its great historical value for our civilization. Another funny story I would like to share with you is that as little children we used to help the tourists and pretend being tour guides at the area. Now I remember it and laugh but it is actually one of the things that helped me understand my routes. Myrto: I have visited Mycenae during my early school years, and I can only remember small fragmented images, which mostly caught my attention. The two worth mentioning are the Lion Gate at the citadel of Mycenae and the path we walked towards the Treasury of Atreus, gazing at the impressive entrance of it.

Concerning the gastronomic experience of Nafplio, could you please advice us two to four of your favorite taverns and restaurants?

Andreas: In my opinion, Nafplio can fulfill various gastronomic tastes, but for a traditional food experience you can go to the suburbs (10-15 min). “Spilia” restaurant is mostly famous for its grilled chicken with secret sauce, a local specialty even for the most demanding customers. Another special dish is “bogana”, lamb traditionally cooked inside a wood-fired oven for many hours. I also recommend “Ta Chasapakia” in Nea Kios village and “Kitsomanis” tavern in Kefalari area, which are famous for their lamp chops and cheese pie known as “tiropitari”. For the fish lovers the best spot is “Roulis” tavern. Last but not least for dessert you can taste traditional Greek sweets in “Kaslyme”, in the old center of Nafplio. Myrto: Personally, I love good cuisine and that’s why I’m taken by the cities that have well cared places to eat. Nafplio is without doubt one of the top of my list! “Carrera’s” is the oldest place for pizza in wood-fired oven and a newer version for also excellent quality of Italian cuisine is “Scuola pizza bar”, located at the coastal road Bouboulinas Str. For Greek typical taverna dishes I prefer “Alaloum” restaurant. Finally my best desert spot is “Koustenis” ice cream, one of the oldest and most traditional shops in the area.

What’s your favorite shop in Nafplio?

Andreas: I have no specific favorite, but if you take a walk around “Syndagma” square, you will find various interesting shops with souvenirs, local products and accessorizes for man and women. Myrto: I buy most of my jewelry from two little beautiful stores in Vasileos Konstantinou str, the one is called “Pan” and the other “Camara”. However, all the stores have very unique stuff and are worth visiting!

Which is your favorite spot for enjoying a cocktail with a view in Nafplio?

Andreas: For the summer, I agree with Myrto, “Blublanc” is the best choice. But when it gets colder it is better to move around the inner parts of the city. There I prefer “Sokaki” and “360” bar, which have very good cocktails and a fine selection of wines. Myrto: During the summertime “Blublanc” is an all day café bar restaurant, located in the historic Arvanitia coast. I think the best time of the day to hang out there for cocktails is at noon, just to relax before dinner!

Please describe to us an unforgettable moment of yours in Nafplio!

Andreas & Myrto: Our best experience in Nafplio, is like a ritual we do every time we go there. It is a walk on the “Arvanitia” seaside promenade, surrounding the whole “Acronafplia” peninsula. It’s very unique scenery as on your left you have a hill with exotic kinds of plants and on your right there is a cliff ending at the sea.

According to your opinion, which is the must-visit monument in Nafplio?

Andreas: According my opinion the must-visit monument in Nafplio is the church of St. Spyridonas, above Syntagma square. The reason I chose it is because that exact spot was were the assassination of the first Greek governor, Ioannis Kapodistrias, took place. Specifically one can observe the whole on the wall crated by the fatal bullet! Myrto: Of course the castle of Palamidi is a monument that one should definitely visit, especially if it’s their first trip at Nafpio. You can either access it by car, or climb up the 999 steps, which is rather challenging if you’re not so much in shape. Whatever you choose, at the end you are rewarded by the astonishing view of the whole gulf of Argolis, you find at the top of the fortress.

What’s your favorite sunset spot in Nafplio?

Andreas & Myrto: The best spot to enjoy the sunset is the “Kanonia” area that can be found at the beginning of the “Akronafplia” walk. Once you enter the castle and climb up the stairs, you can sit at the mantel, watch the sun dive into the sea and let go of everything!!!

Describe to us your top 5 List for things to do in Nafplio!

Andreas: Firstly I recommend renting a bicycle and tour around the city, as you can use it for longer distances and even in the “Arvanitia” area. For a quick nibble on the road you can taste a Greek souvlaki at “Kapodistrias” tavern. Afterwards, you can continue your stroll and have delicious donuts at “Pergamonto” store. A perfect ending for your day is a romantic walk at the seaside pedestrian road watching the fully lighted “Bourtzi” castle. Myrto: Nafplio has a variety of things to do and you can rarely be bored. First you should go sightseeing, then have a nice coffee and rest at “Hliostasio” café by the sea and continue the walking in the city. There you will gradually discover little cute stores to buy memorabilia. Don’t miss the ice cream experience because it’s almost a tradition!

Share with us your mystery!

Andreas: My secret place to enjoy top view is located behind “the clock” of Nafplio, up the hill. It’s a small platform hanging at the end of the cliff, maybe part of an old wall, where one can light down and experience infinity. The way to this place is a bit tricky, but if you can handle it you will definitely be rewarded at the end. Myrto: I want to reveal the best little place for drinks at Nafplio. It is called “Es Aei” and has tables on the pedestrian road and a very interesting interior. The stuff is always friendly and you can enjoy your wine and nibble some cheese, under the sound of jazz music.

This space is just for you! Please feel free to add anything you think that was missing from the questionnaire!
Andreas: If you are lucky to visit Nafplio during the summer period, you might be able to enjoy a concert at “Karathona” beach! Myrto: I have to add that I really like to have a morning coffee at Nafplia Palace hotel, because it has an excellent view of the whole town!