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The Napoli of the East

Timeless and beautiful, lively and vibrant, picturesque and scenic, charming Nafplio will make you fall in love with it, as it holds the reigns of one of the most beautiful cities of Greece. Whether you are a lover of the deep emotions of not, Nafplio,  the first capital of the newly-established Greek state, will inspire you feel the unique emotion of romanticism, a place where you might think that time has stopped a while ago. However, one thing is certain; the sense of escapism will embrace your body and soul. Under the rock of Acronafplia, the old city of Nafplio lives in her own space-time. Houses with red tile roofs of past centuries seem detached from the present luring visitors to the period when Nafplio was the first capital of Greece. Charming neoclassical balconies and majestic Venetian buildings create an architectural puzzle interspersed from romanticism under the aromas of bougainvillea flowers. Quaint cobbled streets with wonderful buildings will accommodate your steps while the colours of the flowery balconies with their flavors will guide you through the beauty of Nafplio. Born in the pages of a novel and left to the history of yesterday, Nafplio unveils a fairytale story full of colours and scents ornamented from sights that will amaze every traveller. From the square of Constitution, the picturesque alleys of Psaromahalas and the statue of Ioannis Kapodistrias to the island fortress of Bourtzi, the castle of Palamidi and the promenade of Arvanitia, Nafplio will astonish you. Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first Governor of Greece, dreamt of transforming Nafplio in a miniature of the principal cities of Europe. And so he did. Timeless Nafplio needs no introduction; in an open-air museum as Nafplio, where million of pages of Greek history were written with powerful conquerors and heroic uprisings, everyone will get ecstatic.Frankish buildings, Venetian houses and neoclassical mansions give an enchanting atmosphere and lots of treasures to the beautiful city of Nafplio while cobblestone alleys and picturesque squares with hanging fuchsia bougainvillea flowers beautify her with wonderful colours. Nafplio’s rich history survives everywhere; each door unveils the mysteries of a different conqueror through myths and legends of this erotic city, above the imposing Palamidi castle with the 999 stairs until the Bourtzi fortress in the sea.  Napoli di Romagna, as the Venetians used to call Nafpio, exudes a spirit of nobility that will definetely make you explore all the mysteries of it. Even if you are no in love, when in Nafplio, you will want to be struck from the arrows of Cupid and ascend the starts to Palamidi to admire the cyclopean walls of Acronafplia. Are you ready to explore the mysteries of Nafplio?