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Classy Restaurants & Mediterranean Taverns
Niko’s Tavern

Location: Agoriani Village Telephone: 0030.22340.61456


If you want to enjoy a series of authentic Greek cuisine dishes, you should definitely head to the tavern of Nikos, a two-storey tavern in the main square of the picturesque Agoriani. It has a simple and neat, cozy and welcoming environment rustic in style. Mrs Nitsa, the mother of Nikos, prepares homemade wild boar in wine sauce, goat in greaseproof paper and pork with figs will have you licking your fingers. Mysterious Greece’s favorite dishes include the fresh fries with fried eggs on top, the veloute soups as well as the delicious fillet of Nikos. Don’t forget to ask for the dish of the day, and, before you leave, taste one of the homemade sweets cooked from Mrs Nitsa. Make a note that the atmosphere during weekends and holidays changes, since special happenings take place and Nikos takes the role of the DJ!


Address: Arahova Village Telephone:0030.22670.32660


Greek music—sometimes live—sets the tone at warm Aquarella: drop by for a drink or tuck into a large gourmet menu of meaty offerings Friday and Saturday nights. Later at night, you can still get finger food, and some center tables might be removed to make room for dancing and, even better, for some legendary “flower wars” among happy club goers. Smart dress is strongly recommended. (Source: )


Address: Vargiani Village Telephone:0030.22650.91728


If you are craving for traditional food, Drosoula is a tavern off the beaten track. In the picturesque village of Vargiani, you will find this tiny tavern where you will have the opportunity to taste authentic dishes of the Greek cuisine. It’s as simple as that. Grab a table of the front row, order your proffered dish and a white or red wine jug, sit back and enjoy the view! Undeniably, Drosoula’s Tavern is a must if you are visiting Parnassos!


Address: Livadi Village Telephone:0030.22670.32159

Unquestionably, Zahos is one of your best dining options if you want to enjoy traditional Greek food. As one of the first restaurants in the region, Zahos accommodates its picturesque tavern in a large hall with a wooden floor, big chandeliers and white tablecloths. The menu is focused on meat dishes; of our favorite was the lamb in the roaster, the veal steak as well as the boar with plums. Make sure to choose your favorite wine from the excellent wine list! Lastly but most importantly, make no mistake that the service is very attentive!

Address: Arahova Village Telephone:0030.22670.31891.

The tavern of Kaplanis is the oldest and most famous tavern on the village of Arahova. In the huge room with the high ceilings and the two fireplaces, travellers will have the opportunity to taste authentic dishes of the local cuisine from the hands of Mrs. Stella: black-eyed beans with greens, “koloutholachana” (stewed courgette flowers), pie with herbs, stuffed cabbage rolls, lamb fricassee, rooster in wine sauce and meat grilled to order skillfully by Panayiotis Kaplanis. Undoubtedly, Kaplanis is one of the most popular dining choices that will satisfy the pallet of the most discerning eating-lovers.

Address: Arahova Village Telephone:0030.22670.32735

At the highest point of Arahova, close to the church of Agios Georgios, travellers will find the beautiful and neat tavern of Panayota, one of the oldest taverns in Arahova. Make sure to taste the Panayota fillet, the Melomeni salad and one of the dishes of the day. You should know that there are legendary, impromptu (karaoke) parties at Panayiota’s every Saturday and Sunday afternoon and the place literally bursts at the seams.The regulars here take the microphone in their hands and dance endlessly under the countless napkins.
To Limeri Tou Seskoulou

Address: Tithorea Village Telephone:0030.22320.71249

Situated right on the central square of Tithorea village, this tiny tavern with the cozy fireplace will make you appreciate the authentic Greek cuisine. Litsa and Panagiotis are very hospitable and their main aim is to offer delicious food to their customers. It’s worth mentioning that the fireplace has an old drawer where they bake all kinds of traditional dishes! Don’t forget to enjoy some local tsipouro or wine!
En Parnasso

Address: Polydrosos Village Telephone:0030.22340.51677

So, you decided to explore the undiscovered side of Parnassos and you want to discover the off-the-beaten track taverns; En Parnasso in Polydrosos is a must! Delicious dishes with traditional tastes, hospitable Mr. Stathis will offer you the best; some of his specialties include pork with celery, rooster with noodles and boiling soup!