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The Home of Mythical Muses

Behind the craggy and imperious mountain slopes of Parnassus, the true heart of the mountain is revealed through its authentic traditional villages. Sceneries of untamed beauty are hidden in the wild soul of the mountains. A robust and monotonous twirl asphalt road with panoramic views of the Corinthian bay elevates to high altitudes and a great spectacle emerges through the tunnel; wrapped in fog and mist, your eyes will be captivated from the dramatic views of the picturesqueness of its villages. Favored from adventure lovers eager for unexpected emotions of mountainous nature, Parnassus is the mythical birthplace of the muses, the land of art, poetry and music. Nestling at an altitude of two thousands and five hundred meters, Parnassos will dazzle you from the sparkling lights of the winter. Arahova, the nymph of Parnassus, with its red tiled roofs blends with the whitewashed clouds and stone chimneys that pour greyish smoke to the mountain sceneries. It is definite that you will feel an indescribable awe from the fragrant coffee aromas by the wooden fireplace on the soundtracks of jazz music and the promenades between the traditional stone houses with the heavy wooden doors. However, the supreme silence of the snowy slopes behind the embroidered curtains of your window is the absolute master of the peaceful landscape in the mountain life of Parnassos; you might even believe that you will touch the sky. Praised for its beauty and wilderness, beautiful and timeless Parnassus, the winter duchess, will steal your heart. Distinguished for their simplicity and hospitality, the local people cherish their traditions singing with God Pan and sleeping with the Nymphs just like the eagles of Zeus. Whether you want to slide down the snowy slopes like an Olympian athlete or you desire to explore the verdurous sceneries of the E4 trail and accelerate your adrenaline on the muddy dirt roads, Parnassos has it for you as its mysteries will overpower your soul! Characterized as one of the most beautiful villages of the area, lovely Agoriani will fill you with moments of tranquility and relaxation. Running waters, gigantic plane trees and romantic alleys create the most relaxing emotions. Tiny Variani, hidden behind the dense fir forest, will welcome you with its lush landscapes and picturesque Livadi will offer you an ecstatic ice skating experience until midnight while beautiful Souvala, one of the secret gems, will guide you through its spectacular routes to the forested slopes and you will fall in love with the endless promenades in the cobblestone alleys of fairytale Elatia. No one could ever forget, however, the oracle of Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned as the navel of the world. Backdrops of wild magnificence will make you lose your balance between reality and fantasy; are you ready to experience the most ecstatic journey in mainland Greece?