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Scattered pieces of land in the Euboean Gulf, a miniature archipelago of deserted islands and rocky reefs form the utopia of Lihadonisia. Mythology has it that the islands were named after the servant of almighty Hercules namely Lihas. These mysterious islands invite you to explore the beautiful landscapes and the pristine beaches of the island. Undoubtedly, Lihadonisia is a true escape. The serenity of these islands will make you live and appreciate simple moments in a real treasure of unspoiled nature like Lihadonisia.

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About Lihadonisia

General Information about Lihadonisia

Lihadonisia is an island complex located on Northern Euboea. The complex consists from the islands of Monolia, Megali Strongili, Mikri Strongili, Vagia, Voria and Limani along with small reefs known as Pondikonisia. Megali Strongili is the southernmost island of the cluster while the island of Monolia has an oblong shape and a small cove that serves as a natural harbor. The cluster of Lihadonisia was created from the activity of the volcano during the Cenozoic century. Before the tectonic subduction of Maliakos, Lihadonisia were connected with the peninsula of Lihada. Numerous sections of the island were sunk from the massive earthquake in 426 BC. As the islands of the complex are tiny, there are only a few monuments one can admire. These include the traces of houses and walls along with the remnants of an ancient christian basilica that lie on the seabed of the island of Monolia, the churches of Agios Nikolaos and Agios Grigorios on the northeast side of Megali Strongili isle, the church of Agios Georgios on the northeast of Monolia isle and the lighthouse of the isle of Strongili.

Travel Information about Lihadonisia

By Boat (0.63 Nautical Miles): Lihadonisia are accessible through boat excursions operating from the harbor of Kavos in Euboea.

Diving Explorations

Are you a scuba diving enthusiast? You can explore the shipwreck of Lihadonisia on the western side of the isle of Monolia. The shipwreck can be explored even withou diving equipment as it lies at a depth of six meters! Numerous diving excursions are organized from the Lihadonisia Diving Center in Agios Georgios of Euboea.

Meet the Mediterranean Monk Seals

One will have the opportunity to meet the beautiful creatures of the Mediterranean monk seals in Lihadonisia! Monachus Monachus is one of the most endangered mammals in the world.

Myths and Legends

According to mythology, the name of the islets derives from the Lihas, the servant of Hercules. Dienera, the wife of Hercules, send to him a poisoned robe with Liha because she thought her husband cheated her. When Hercules wore the robe he went mad with pains, and he grabbed Lihas and threw him to the sea, and his pieces fell around Cape Kineo. Then, God Poseidon transformed Lihas into small islands!

Sailing and Ribing in Lihadonisia

Lihadonisia is one of the most beautiful destinations for lovers of sailing and ribbing!

Spearfishing in Lihadonisia

The rich marine life of Lihadonisia is ideal for spearfishing lovers!

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