The Turquoise Islands

Dives in Emerald, Sapphire and Turquoise Waters
Scattered pieces of land in the sea, a miniature archipelago of deserted islands and rocky reefs form the utopia of Petalioi. If one believed that he has to travel millions of miles to find exotic sceneries, he was wrong! Just like tiny dots in the Aegean, Petalioi is a scenic neighborhood of ten small islands. The mysterious islands of Petalioi embrace the value of peacefulness and are ready to give you cherished memories.  Petalioi are a place where wild beauty and pristine nature harmonize in a mysterious way. The landscapes of the blue sea and the sceneries of the verdant vegetation create sceneries of pristine natural sceneries. Rocky shores, golden sandy beaches, turquoise waters and verdant vegetation form the dreamy experience that one would definitely envy.

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About Petalioi

General Information about Petalioi

Petalioi is an island complex located in the North Euboean Gulf. The complex was formed from the precipitation of the land and the erosion of the sea waves They consist from the deserted islands of Megalonisos, Hersonisi, Avgo, Lamberousa, Louloudi, Makronisi, Pondikoniso, Praso, Tragos and Foundi. Discover

Historical Information about Petalioi

During the Ottoman occupation, Petalioi used to be owned from Omer Bey who sent his harem in the islands for vacations. Omer Bey sold the land to John Paparigopoulos, the General Consul of Russia in Greece. In 1871, Petalioi became a property of King George I, and then to the shipping families of Greece.

Travel Information about Petalioi

By Boat (4.5 Nautical Miles): Petalioi are accessible through boat excursions operating from the village of Marmari in Euboea.

Emerald, Sapphire and Turquoise Waters

The islands of Petalioi have a series of exotic beaches with turquoise waters. Some of the most beautiful bays include Baniera, Mandria, Panagia, Pefkari, Skala and Vasiliko.

Open For Visitors

Some of the islands are privately owned from shipping families while the other seven are open for visitors to discover them!

Ribing and Sailing in Petalioi

Petalioi is one of the most beautiful destinations for lovers of inflatables and sailing! One of the finest bays for anchorage is located on the southern side of the isle of Platy.

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