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West Coast

A journey to the west coast of the Peloponnese peninsula reveals beautiful beaches with golden sand and crystal clear waters, endless olive groves and vineyards, and castles with rich history, unveiling the genuine image of the Greek countryside. Where the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea meet the exoticism to the Messenia region, magic is born. Undeniably, the effortless charm of the region will enchant you from the first moment. The coastline of Messenia is a blessed land enhanced from the prism of history.It is a fact that Messenia is one of the most beautiful and up-and-coming destinations of Greece that still has many mysteries to unveil. Although summer in Greece is synonymous with the cool breezes of the Cyclades, Messenia is a genuine revelation. From the fortified castles of Methoni and Koroni, the olive-oil city of Kalamata and the picturesque village of Kardamyli to the imposing waterfalls of Polylimnio, the flowing waters of Neda river with the fairytale gorge, the Mycenaean palace of Nestor and the isles of Sfaktiria, Messenia will surely blow your mind. Built on the heart of the Messenian Gulf, Kalamata is a pleasant musical note for travellers who seek for authenticism, a reason itself for this journey. Yet, Pylos, Methoni and Koroni compose the massive triangle of Messenia. Passing through a labyrinthine road network with dense vegetation, as Messenia is an ideal destination for driving explorations, Pylos rests peacefully under the auspices of Niokastro castle. The genuine aristocratism, however, is found in Methoni. All the roads of this charming town lead to the imaginary castle with the stone Bourtzi in Navarino Gulf, the world-famous Methoni Castle. The Navarino bay, though, is as one of the most beautiful landscapes of Messenia; the place where the allied forces precipitated the Turkish fleet (1827), by determining the course of the Greek Revolution, is one of the largest natural harbors in a worldwide scale. Nonetheless, sceneries of immense natural beauty will travel you to the genuine fairytale drive of Messenia. The fifteen consecutive lakes of Polylimnio seem to have sprung out from the vibrant imagination of the Renaissance painters while the laggoon of Gialova, one of the most important Greek shelters for migrating birds and the only European habitat of the African chameleon, will magnetize nature lovers. Walking through fortified castles, discovering Byzantine churches, exploring Mycenaean fragments, visiting deserted islands and important wetlands, rappelling waterfalls and gorges with verdant vegetation; Messenia has it all. The view from the castle of Pylos, the ultimate turquoise waters of Voidokilia, the emerald lakes of Polylimnio, the sunset from the Palace of Nestor, the spectacular waterfalls of Neda, the heart-shaped isle of Sapienza, the stone village of Kardamyli, and the colourful mosaics of the Ancient Messene, a phantasmagoric UNESCO World Heritage Site, will take your breath away. Messenia is yet one of the most authentic places of that country. Where the deepest point of the Mediterranean, Calypso Deep, is found, mysteries emerge. Tamed beauty and genuine exquisiteness will travel you to another era of Greece. Like no other destination.