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The Diamond of Epirus

Descending through the misty atmosphere, dazzling lights twinkle in the ravine blending with the stone houses and their gray slate roofs between the labyrinthine alleys; this is Metsovo standing proudly between the imposing mountains and the flowing rivers. Charming Metsovo, one of the most beautiful regions of Epirus, challenges all of your senses through its picturesque character, its traditional atmosphere, its high quality cheeses and its intoxicating red wines. Painting the most wonderful setting of your winter escapes, from both Evangelos Averoff, Foundation Tositsa and its local people, Metsovo will definetely steal a place in your heart. Cultural heritage and natural beauty will certainly enchant you on the crossroads between Epirus, Macedonia and Thessaly. Nestling in one of the highest peaks of Pindus Mountains, Metsovo, the largest Vlach village of Greece, will captivate your eyes with its fresh mountain air and its natural beauty. A town of Epirus that has managed to maintain its traditional colours will give you the opportunity to experience an authentic image of the Greek countryside through Metsovo distinctive atmosphere.  Local traditional shops with folklore art and woodwork objects along with elegant cafeterias identify the special natural scenery of this place. Agia Paraskevi church, the patron saint of Metsovo, holds its prominence at the central square of Metsovo, of the most beautiful squares of mainland Greece. Dominated from labyrinthine cobblestone alleys, Metsovo hides millions of mysteries; from the Art Gallery of Evangelos Averoff with works of some of the most important painters of Greece and the Folklore Museum of Metsovo with a remarkable collection of folklore materials and fighters weapons of the Greek Revolution housed in the 19th century mansion of Tossizza family to the picturesque stone houses of Metsovo, examples of the traditional architecture of Epirus, and the traditional stone fountains, every corner of Metsovo hides new surprize! Land of farmers and shepherds, Metsovo has excelled in agricultural products. Of the most distinctive traditional products of Metsovo include its famous smoked metsovone cheese and its dry Katogi red wine! Reserved only for the connoisseurs, the delicious dry Katogi wine is produced from the French Bordeaux vines, growing in Metsovo whose vinification, maturation and bottling processes are held in their wonderful winery. However, Metsovo has also a rich tradition in its folklore art and gold embroidery. Nevertheless, the beauties of the wider region of Metsovo still continue; the artificial lake of Aoos Springs, one of the most important habitats of Epirus, whose natural sceneries is interrupted from small isles with large pine trees create images of unique beauty, especially during the dreamy sunset. And if you are winter sports lovers, don’t your worry; Metsovo has everything packed up for you. Three ski centers dominate the foothills of Pindus Mountains just for you to choose where you would like to slide like a pro! The less adventurous, though, can practice canoeing at the lake of Aoos, which, according to the locals, gets as beautiful as it can in the winter months when it gets frozen! And just behind the lake, one could go for hiking explorations to Valia Calda National Park, one of the most beautiful forests in Greece. It is definite that a journey in Metsovo will leave you with unforgettable memories; its traditional character, its ultimate tranquility and its alpine beauty will revitalize you. When time will come, you will discover Metsovo’s mysteries with your own eyes! Are you ready to unveil the mysteries of Metsovo?