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Mountainous Arcadia
The Land of Pan

On the mythical land of God Pan, the god of pastoral life who enjoyed carefree the company of the Nymphs in mountainous Arcadia, and distinguishes for its natural beauty and its austere hospitality, the peninsula of Peloponnese invites you to explore picturesque villages that have been surrendered in the arms of Menalon since the dawn of time. If you are looking for a beautiful destination where you can enjoy the tranquillity of nature, mountainous Arcadia has it for you! From the cobblestone alleys of Dimitsana, the stone mansions of Stemnitsa and the impregnable castle of Karytaina to the sounds of Lousios River, the verdant forest sceneries of Menalon Mountain and the impressive stalactites of Kapsia Cave, it is definite that mountainous Arcadia will charm you instantly. Stone mansions, Byzantine churches and cobblestone streets adorn some of the most beautiful and well-preserved mountain villages of Arcadia, with their unique architecture, their impressive monasteries and their atmospheric guesthouses and create a scenic character of utmost beauty. Dimitsana and Stemnitsa will travel you to another bygone era, where, no one knows how, they have managed to retain their authenticity and genuineness. Among the green forests on the mountain slopes of Menalon, travellers will find a one-of-kind opportunity to explore the true beauty of mountainous Peloponnese. Situated two hours away from Athens, mountainous Arcadia challenges you to enjoy a variety of alternative activities including caving, hiking, rafting, river trekking, rappelling and skiing. Above all, mountainous Arcadia is one of the favourite holiday destinations of Greece ideal for weekend escapes, romantic getaways, skiing vacations and nature excursions. This lovely location of Peloponnese offers a genuine getaway with a true spirit of authenticity away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. History, architecture and tradition blend in a very mysterious way on this corner of Greece creating one of the most beautiful sceneries of Greece you cannot afford to miss this winter. Endless kilometers of natural beauty await the avid travellers to collect unforgettable moments in the impressive region of Arcadia.