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The Promised Land

Meteora Monasteries, one the symbols of Orthodoxy in the Byzantine era, suspend in the air high above the clouds. In the central region of Greece, on the way towards the Valley of Peneus River and the enormous Thessalic plain, you will arrive to the majestic, mysterious, astonishing and spiritual monasteries of Meteora. An ecstatic explosion of thoughts will surpass reality in moments of unrequited feelings when you witness them for the first time; believe that you will feel an indescribable feeling of awe, respect and amazement on that very moment. If you really pursue to discover the genuine truth about these spectacular monasteries, follow the labyrinthine road of Kalambaka leading to the six active monasteries. Standing above the gigantic greyish rocks, blending with the white clouds of the blue sky and the shiny stars of the dark night, even the Lord himself would wonder how could mankind construct these religious masterpieces. Colossal, huge and incredible rocky formations, with elevated tops conquered from monks of strong faith and will, who sought to find the immortal life. No wonder why Meteora magnates even the most discerning travellers. Breathtaking at first sight, the Meteora Monasteries are of great cultural and natural importance, honorably included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. When words leave off,sentiments begin to


arouse. How could possibly anyone describe this geological phenomenon with the breathtaking sceneries that aspires other levels of inspiration and spirituality? Even Homer would be speechless! However, it is quite certain that no one can antagonize the supremacy of nature itself. Split from earthquakes, weathered from the wind and the water over millions of millions of years, these immense rocks are an authentic masterpiece of Mother Nature. Emerging twenty-five millions years ago, as the outcome of strong tectonic movements, the Meteora rocks became the shelter of hermits seeking for spiritual isolation. After all, who can blame them? Even you would choose to find isolation in this mystical place. Nonetheless, hermits’ strong religious faith compelled them to live in the first monastic communities whose drives of faith guide them towards the construction of these spectacular monasteries of highest architectural and artistic value. Religious lover or not, the Meteora monasteries is a destination for your bucket list that you deserve to admire even for once in your lifetime. Maybe you could resolve even the mystery, why such a unique, spectacular and breathtaking monument is mentioned nowhere in the Greek mythology and history. Are you ready to unveil the mysteries of Meteora?